Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Peng Liang, Xiang Nan Wu, Yue Xu

Abstract: In order to discuss the mechanical behaviour differences between the two-tower and three-tower suspension bridges, based on the Taizhou...

Authors: Zhi Bin Zhang, Ling Ling Xu, Ming Shu Tang

Abstract: In order to improve dimensional stability of cementitious materials, synergistic effect of shrinkage reducing admixtures (mixture of glycol...

Authors: Lei Wang, Qi Lin Zhang, Bin Yang

Abstract: With the aim of finding the optimum design that maximizes the stiffness of shell structures, an suitable approach for combined shape and...

Authors: Gen Quan Zhong, Li Juan Li, Feng Liu

Abstract: The size optimization of truss-plate composite structure is presented in this paper. Two improved random optimization algorithms, heuristic...

Authors: Shu Ling Qiao, Zhi Jun Han

Abstract: In this paper, determinate beam and indeterminate beam with multiple span are optimized by using genetic algorithm, the mathematic model of...

Authors: Ming Yuan, Dong Huang Yan

Abstract: The stress state of finished bridge and service stage is influenced by various closure schemes in cantilever construction of multi-span...

Authors: Jun Wei Liu, Zhong Miao Zhang, Ri Hong Zhang, Shu Feng Wang

Abstract: Reinforced PHC piles make use of nonprestressed steel bars to reinforce the initial steel cage, with the intent being to invent novel piles...

Authors: Xue Bing Liu, Fan Kui Zeng, Fu Qiang Li, Jing Wang

Abstract: This paper introduces the basic principle and characteristic of genetic algorithm (called GA), and it points out the shortcoming of ordinary...

Authors: Chang Song Chen, Dong Huang Yan, Dao Fu Dong

Abstract: To reach the optimum mechanics state of long span cable-stayed bridge after it erected, a method is proposed to predict and adjust parameter...

Authors: Wen Bin Sun

Abstract: Current guidelines such as TM5 and ASCE use a trial and error procedure to design RC slabs against blast loads. Although the trial and error...


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