Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Feng Du, Cheng Xiang Xu, Shan Po Jia

Abstract: In order to learn about the dynamic characteristics of the oil storage tank, detect and identify the damaged oil storage tank, based on the...

Authors: Davide Masera, Pietro G. Bocca

Abstract: The aim of this work is to develop a procedure to follow the evolution of fracture in RC Beams strengthened with CFRP sheets by means of...

Authors: Qun Hai Qiu, Chao Xu, Bin Wu

Abstract: In this paper, a new approach for damage detection using a chaotic signal as an input excitation and steady state attractor-based measures...

Authors: Zhi Bo Huang, Cong Mou Lin, Jin Shan Huang, Ying Chen, Fan Bing Meng

Abstract: This article takes the Xiamen Sea reef engineering as an example to research the structure response of underwater blasting vibration on...

Authors: Seung Hyun Ryu, Young Oh Lee, Sun Woo Kim, Hyun Do Yun

Abstract: Acoustic emission (AE) is a powerful nondestructive test that can be used to characterize cracking, growth of cracks, and the degree of...

Authors: Ying Lei, Zhi Lu Lai

Abstract: Structural health monitoring (SHM) is an emerging field in civil engineering, offering the potential for continuous and periodic assessment...

Authors: Yong Mei Li, Guo Fu Sun, Bo Yan Yang, Xi Yuan Zhou, Xiang Yu Gao

Abstract: In order to improve efficiency and reliability for damage detection, based on the characteristics of truss structures, the elemental modal...

Authors: Jin Fan, Hong Po Liu

Abstract: Wavelet transform of strain signal can be used in the damage relative damage extent identification. The proposed method is validated by...

Authors: Sang Hyun Nam, Young Jae Song, Sun Woo Kim, Hyun Do Yun

Abstract: High performance fiber-reinforced cement composites (HPFRCCs) show multiple cracks and a limited damage tolerance capability due to the...

Authors: Qing Huang, Bin Xu, Bing Li, Gang Bing Song, Jun Teng

Abstract: As a typical composite structural type, concrete-Filled Steel Tubes (CFSTs) have been widely employed in civil engineering structures,...


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