Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yun Liu, Dong Huang Yan

Abstract: This study focuses on test loading program and evaluation for pedestrian bridge. On the basis of the finite element analysis, numerical...

Authors: Li Ting Zhang, Hao Zhang

Abstract: Nowadays structure construction and monitoring, hazard forecasting depends more and more on scientific prediction methods. This paper focus...

Authors: Ling Yu, Jun Hua Zhu

Abstract: Effect of computational patterns of principle component analysis (PCA) on moving force identification (MFI) is studied in this paper. The...

Authors: Ying Lei, Yi Ke Mao

Abstract: In this paper, a time domain structural damage detection approach based on Kalman filter and least square estimation is proposed for...

Authors: Meng Gang Yang, Zhu Qing Yang

Abstract: Large longitudinal displacement would be generated by vehicle braking force in the girder of self-anchored suspension bridge, just as the...

Authors: Peng Sun, Ai Qun Li, You Liang Ding, Yang Deng

Abstract: The damage alarming analysis based on wavelet packet energy spectrum is performed with regard to the experimental data of Benchmark steel...

Authors: Ling Yu, Xue Gang Wang

Abstract: A time domain method on bidirectional moving vehicle load identification from plate bridge responses is proposed in this paper. The bridge...

Authors: Sheng En Fang, Ricardo Perera

Abstract: A metamodel can be represented by the forms of mathematical equations (response surface models) or neural networks (black-box models) in the...

Authors: Feng Guo, Wei Ya Xu, Fei Xu

Abstract: Evaluation of slope stability in the hydropower project construction is extremely important. This Cloud Model will be introduced to the...

Authors: Guang Yue Wang, Jian Liu, Qi Fan

Abstract: The construction of a modern long span rigid frame box girder bridge gives impetus to the development of structural analysis design theory...


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