Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Zhang, Zhi Ming Yu

Abstract: Studying the vertical density profile (VDP) forming progress of fiberboard helps understand and improve the hot-pressing technology. The...

Authors: Jia Yan Lei, Qian Feng Yao, Ying Lei

Abstract: A structural damage identification technique based on cross correlation function analysis of vibration measurements is proposed. An 8-storey...

Authors: Yan Tao Li, Zhan Xue Zhou

Abstract: The interaction system which includes pi1e-supported tall buildings with multistoried basements and the adjacent medium of soil subject to...

Authors: Yi Zhou Zhuang, Tao Ji, Bao Chun Chen

Abstract: Finite element analysis, based on various construction and service stages, of a genetic bridge was carried out to find the potential reasons...

Authors: Dong Wang, Guo Xiang Yang, Fa Quan Wu, Jin Yu Dong

Abstract: The indexes to determine the swelling potential of swelling rocks are still not unified. A series of testing results of swelling rocks of...

Authors: Hua Feng Deng, Jing Guo, Cheng Jin Deng, Tao Lu, Min Zhu

Abstract: Cao river aqueduct is the mark building at main channel of the middle line of the South-to-North Water Diversion Project, of which the 30m...

Authors: Bei Dou Ding, Heng Lin Lv, Yong Sheng Ji

Abstract: Setting up of an objective function, update parameters and use of robust optimization algorithm are three crucial steps in FE model...

Authors: Ke Wei Ding, Ding Xia, Peng Hu

Abstract: With the accelerating process of urbanization, various kinds of unconventional concrete structure increases day by day. These kinds of...

Authors: Zhi Rong Xiao

Abstract: A new method of semi-active control on cable-MR system based on fuzzy logical theory in this article is presented. In the method, the...

Authors: Hui Deng, Guang Jian Xiao, Yu Cao

Abstract: Long span hyperbolic-paraboloid composite torsional shell is a new type structure. In order to find out actual deformation of the roof...


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