Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Juan Kong, Guo Fu Qiao, Tong Zhang, Guang Ping Song

Abstract: Steel bar corrosion monitoring is a very important part of structure health monitoring and full-life design in civil engineering. Many...

Authors: Li Juan Kong, Tong Zhang, Guang Pin Song

Abstract: Corrosion of steel structures has been found to be a problem Corrosion can be managed but not eliminated, so detecting corrosion will remain...

Authors: Jian Qing Qian, Ji Ping Chen, Bao Qiao Wu, Jie Ca Wu

Abstract: The fire-resistant hot-rolled H-beam steel is the newly developed structure material. The development situation of the fire-resistant H-beam...

Authors: Ling Ling Zhang, Zheng Yang, Jian Hou, Zhi Qian Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the elastic stress and strain fields in curved beams of finite thickness with end moments are systematically investigated...

Authors: Qi Wang Su

Abstract: The stair is the vertical transport hinge among stories, it becomes a very important component. the stair is seriously damaged in Wenchuan...

Authors: Ji Gang Zhang, Wen Yan Deng, Jian Han

Abstract: Because of its excellent energy dissipation capacity, friction damper has a wide application in engineering structure, while its use is...

Authors: Ji Gang Zhang, Jian Han, Wen Yan Deng

Abstract: In view of general braces of Pall-typed frictional damper will produce additional axial forces on side column in frame, considering the...

Authors: Yan Hui Liu, Ping Tan, Fu Lin Zhou, Yong Feng Du, Wei Ming Yan

Abstract: Based on the configuration and mechanical characteristics of piezoelectric actuator, the bidirectional piezoelectric variable friction...

Authors: Ya Feng Gong, Han Bing Liu, Yong Chun Cheng, Huan Li Wang

Abstract: The establishment of an effective finite element model (FEM) for the bridge structure is essential in the health monitoring system of urban...

Authors: Nu Wen Xu, Chu Nan Tang, Si Hao Wu, Gui Lin Li, Ju Ying Yang

Abstract: For the purpose of getting a better understanding of failure mechanisms of rock fracturing due to construction perturbation inside the right...


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