Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Ze Pan, Yuan Chun Huang, Na Deng

Abstract: Tunnel Leakage has been a key issue of the Tunnel Engineering construction and maintenance because of the universality and serious...

Authors: Wen Sheng Li, Yi Heng He

Abstract: When the reliability analysis of in-service RC flexural member is carried on, an expert evaluation or AHP (analytical hierarchy process) for...

Authors: Qing Zhi Yan, Zhan Zhang, Tai Qiang Liu, Yan Hua Wang

Abstract: Based on finite element theory and finite element software ANSYS, this thesis establish three-dimensional pile-soil contact model pile to...

Authors: Qing Zhi Yan, Zhan Zhang, Liang Cui, Yan Hua Wang

Abstract: Jacket Offshore Platform is a complex statically indeterminate structure, reliability of which is impacted by many factors, and the...

Authors: Qing Zhi Yan, Zhan Zhang, Liang Cui, Yan Hua Wang

Abstract: Offshore Jacket Platform is a very important infrastructure in the offshore oil exploration and exploitation. In order to make it more...

Authors: Wei Zhao, J.K. Liu, Qiu Wei Yang

Abstract: The structural reliability analysis with uncertainty-but-bounded parameters is considered in this paper. Each uncertain-but-bounded...

Authors: Jin Jie Shi, Wei Sun

Abstract: A detailed investigation has been carried out to clarify the effect of porosity on steel corrosion in cement-based materials. Corrosion...

Authors: Jin Jie Shi, Wei Sun

Abstract: The effect of sulfate ions on the corrosion behavior of steel in ordinary Portland concrete (OPC) and high performance concrete (HPC) were...

Authors: Xue Song Zhang, Jin Ping Chen

Abstract: Durability design of the concrete structure directly concerns structural durability, the current system of the structural durability design...

Authors: Jian De Han, Gang Hua Pan, Wei Sun, Cai Hui Wang, Hui Rong

Abstract: X-ray computed tomography (XCT), a non-destructive test, was used to study three dimensional (3D) meso-defect volume distribution changes of...


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