Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Shi Qiang Qin, Qian Hui Pu, Zhou Shi

Abstract: Dynamic loading test is exerted on a railway continuous beam bridge with a main span of 100m and a pier of 99m high, and dynamic responses...

Authors: Yi Zhou Zhuang, Gong Kang Fu, Pang Jo Chun, Ji Hang Feng

Abstract: A prototype of sensored bridge bearing was developed, fabricated, tested and planned to be applied in two bridge structures for sensing and...

Authors: He Meng, Kun Yang, She Liang Wang

Abstract: A kind of SMA material with the chemical composition of Ti-51% at Ni (made in china) which is austenitic at room temperature is tested to...

Authors: Jian Hou, Zheng Yang

Abstract: The elastic stress and strain fields in a circular cross-section bar with semielliptic groove subjected to uniaxial tension are...

Authors: Hong Zhang, Hong Yan Zhang

Abstract: Based on the theoretical analysis of the dynamic parameters of multi-DOF complex structures, it is shown that the optimum TMD parameters...

Authors: Hong Zhang, Xiao Hong Wu, Lei Zhang

Abstract: The subharmonic resonance response of the strongly nonlinear delay differential equation is solved using the incremental harmonic balance...

Authors: Ye Qing Shen, Min Deng

Abstract: Preparation of repeatable cement compacts may contribute to quantitively research of processing, structure and properties of cement...

Authors: Hai Jin, Fei Nan

Abstract: This paper presents a damage detection method using a combination of global (changes in natural frequencies) and local (displacement mode...

Authors: Chong Zhen Cao, Feng Qin Wang, Qi Fa Tian, Jia Lan Zhuang, Feng Chun Li

Abstract: Ultrasonic inspection is a key method of inspecting wall thickness flaw of seabed oil pipelines. How to lay out ultrasonic probes to fit for...

Authors: Shi Lei Zhang, Shao Feng Chen, Huan Ding Wang, Wei Wang

Abstract: In order to evaluate the identification precision and the computational efficiency of identification indices on damage detection and provide...


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