Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qi Lin Zhang, Da Lin Li

Abstract: Increasingly large and complex structures make it more complicated in analysis, designing and construction, and through the amplification...

Authors: Zhi Ping Bai, Xie Dong Zhang, Cheng Lin Han

Abstract: Based on the pile-soil function and damper boundary condition influence by Finite Element Method, taking Bao-Shu yellow river extra...

Authors: Jin Xia Kang, Long Mao Zhao

Abstract: In this paper, three-Dimensional finite element analysis was used for the research of a base-isolated high-rise building. After studying the...

Authors: Li Xian Wang, Sheng Kui Di

Abstract: Based on random vibration theory, virtual response is obtained from the measured acceleration signal of Yantan Yellow River Bridge of...

Authors: Jin Zhang, Hua Peng, Chun Hua You, Ye Long Deng, Hong Yu Zhang

Abstract: Modal curvature difference (MCD) method is an effective damage detection technique for beams but not very feasible for plane member...

Authors: Chang Wu, Xiu Li Wang

Abstract: In this study a kind of buckling-restrained braces (BRBs) as energy dissipation dampers is attempted for seismic performance of large span...

Authors: Zhi Rong Lin, Akira Kasai

Abstract: A method based on Hamiltonian system in complex field is presented in curvilinear coordinates to study elastic waves in pipes of various...

Authors: Jian Lin Zhang, Zhi Hong, Qian Lin, Jie Sheng Jiang

Abstract: In the former research, the Damper control system, TMD control system and the Mixed Control of the active control and passive control were...

Authors: Gang Xue, Feng Ge Li

Abstract: Based on the mechanism of the relative change rate of mode shape (RD), a new damage identification quantity called the vibration mode slope...

Authors: Ali Fadhil Naser, Zong Lin Wang

Abstract: Jiamusi highway prestressed concrete bridge is located in the Jiamusi City within Heilongjiang province in the east north of China. The...


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