Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yi Dong Xu, Chun Xiang Qian

Abstract: Based on fractal geometry theory and surface roughness characterization technology, this paper presents the fractal characterization of...

Authors: Xiao Lu Yuan, Bei Xing Li, Shi Hua Zhou

Abstract: The effect of mineral admixtures and air-entraining agent on freezing-thawing and de-icing salt resistance of concrete has been studied....

Authors: Guang Yin Lu, Zi Qiang Zhu, Qun Yi Liu

Abstract: Stratified rock mass has been widely existing in geotechnical engineering. With obvious transversely isotropic characteristic, stability of...

Authors: Ming Zhao, Xiong Zhang, Yong Juan Zhang

Abstract: The resistance of hydrated cement paste (HCP) to acid attack was investigated. Three groups of blended cementitious materials were designed,...

Authors: Xian Li Wang, Guang Shu Ma, Chun Ling Qi

Abstract: The reinforcement in concrete alters the pathway for chloride transporting and in turn causes the chloride concentration to accumulate...

Authors: Li Bing Jin, Xiao Li Xiong

Abstract: In order to evaluate and predict the behaviors of concrete structures under the environmental conditions, such as temperature, chloride...

Authors: Zheng Yi Kong, Shan Hua Xu

Abstract: In this paper, the corrosion specimens are obtained by ways of constant temperature and humidity ,and the size of corrosion pits is detected...

Authors: Ke Ke Peng, Pei Yan Huang

Abstract: Based on time-dependent reliability theory, intermediate working state is considered, combining with current specifications, concrete filled...

Authors: Yue Xu, Xian Xi Tang

Abstract: Durability and stress injury of concrete bridge were increasingly prominent on the bridge structure now, the use and safety performances of...

Authors: Cai Hui Wang, Jin Yang Jiang, Guo Wen Sun, Jian De Han, Yun Feng Qiao

Abstract: The diffusion performance of chloride ion in concrete under the coupling action of dynamic load and environment was researched by a new set...


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