Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xiao Dong Wang, Hu Yuan Zhang, Geng Sheng Yan, Qiang Qiang Pei

Abstract: Wind erosion is one of the most familiar and serious diseases to Ancient Earthen Architectures (AEA). As far as the durability of AEA is...

Authors: Shi Bin Li, Wei Ping Zhang, Xiang Lin Gu, Ci Mian Zhu

Abstract: To reasonablely assess the residual fatigue life of aged existing reinforced concrete(RC) bridges, axial tensile fatigue tests were...

Authors: Ze Liu, Guo Lin Yang

Abstract: As geosynthetics is made from polymer, its durability is one of the most important issues people have been concerning. Based on the analysis...

Authors: Tie Cheng Wang, Quan Min Peng, Wen Liang Liu, Li Feng Feng

Abstract: In order to solve the problem of concrete cracking in wellhead groove with large longitudinal length, shrinkage tests of concrete containing...

Authors: Jun Wang, Hong Guang Ji, Juan Juan Wang, Zi Jian Zhang

Abstract: Scientific prediction the residual life of existing reinforced concrete elements is an important basis for assessment the structures. The...

Authors: Du Jian Zou, Tie Jun Liu, Hai Xia Lv, Jun Teng

Abstract: The safety and serviceability of RC structures are time-dependent due to degradation phenomena, therefore assessing the fulfillment of...

Authors: Dong Hai Liu, Jiang Zheng, Zi Long Li

Abstract: Many uncertain factors, e.g. surrounding rock physical and mechanical characteristics, are important influence effecting on lining structure...

Authors: Jun Tao Kang, Nan Wang, Yun Jiang Huang

Abstract: The reliability of existing double-curvature bridge strengthened with augment section method is put forward based on time-dependent...

Authors: Hong Ke Pan, Zhong Guo Zhang, Lin De Yang

Abstract: Tunnel and underground engineering projects have certain failure risks during construction and operation, including the risk of durability...

Authors: Zhao Lan Wei, Qian Hui Pu, Xue Jin Huo

Abstract: The key issues in the theory of interval number fuzzy comprehensive evaluation are discussed in this paper, which includes weight interval...


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