Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hao Sheng Gu, Yoshito Itoh

Abstract: This paper attempts to reveal the aging behaviors of natural rubber (NR) used in isolation bearings. Using various degradation factors like...

Authors: Xiao Lin Yu, Heng Bin Zheng, Quan Sheng Yan, Wei Li

Abstract: Since the performance functions of large complex structures can not be expressed explicitly in the process of reliability analysis, support...

Authors: Jun Zhong Liu, Jin Yu Xu, Er Lei Bai, Zhi Gang Gao

Abstract: Because of the facts of reinforced concrete structures materials and used environment, very severe durability problems occurred in...

Authors: Xing Kui Li

Abstract: Introduced after the Wenchuan earthquake, the situation of teaching buildings collapsed, buildings destroyed by the actual picture of the...

Authors: Qiong Ming Jiang, Lu Feng Yang, Zheng Chen

Abstract: Chloride attack has been identified as one of the most important factors initiating the corrosion of reinforcing bars. Chloride penetration...

Authors: Jun Ping Zhang, Ai Rong Liu, Gang Wu, Ke Zeng

Abstract: Depending on the actual service condition of sub-health bridge, the following investigation is carried out: 1)The concept of damage limit...

Authors: Hai Ming Chen, Dong Wei Li, Cheng Juan Ying

Abstract: At present, durability of concrete structures has become one of the problems widely concerned by the academic and engineer circles in civil...

Authors: Ming Lu, Yi Bo Yang, Jia Cheng Li, Wen Ying Guo

Abstract: For decreasing sodium chloride consumption and pollution, the possibility of decreasing concentration of NaCl in the rapid chloride...

Authors: Wen Li Li, Qi Tao, Wen Ge Chai, He Zhang, Zhao Guang Li

Abstract: In this paper, the corrosion of steel during the accelerated corrosion test was investigated through linear polarization method. The...

Authors: Peng Fei Xue, Da Ling Mao, Jin Feng Wang

Abstract: During the service process of a P.C. bridge, the mechanical properties of materials (including concrete and steel) will deteriorate, and...


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