Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Chang Wang

Abstract: There is high requirement to the foundation of the raceway of container gantry crane. However, the marine soft soil is distributed...

Authors: Chuan Fu

Abstract: This paper examines the effectiveness of the Active Tuned Liquid Column Gas Damper (ATLCGD) when equipped on the plan-asymmetric structures...

Authors: Yi Ping Tan, Jian Li, Jin Hua Zou, Hai Bo Jiang

Abstract: Local scouring around the bridge pier occurs because of flow separation and the development of several vortexes around the pier. Such scour...

Authors: Gui Feng Zhao, Yu Hong Ma

Abstract: The hysteric-friction isolation system with elastic-plastic displacement-constraint device is put forward. The action mechanism and...

Authors: Da Gen Weng, Chao Zhang, Xi Lin Lu

Abstract: In the Ms8.0 Wenchuan earthquake on 12th May 2008, a large number of primary and secondary school buildings were seriously damaged....

Authors: You Wang, Xing Hua Wang, Min Zhang

Abstract: As excavation and precipitation involved in the foundation works will cause subsidence of the building foundation surrounding, grouting...

Authors: Hai Bo Jiang, Ling Ming Yang, Ai De He

Abstract: Due to heavier traffic loads, progressive structural age, and corrosion of steel reinforcement, there has been an increasing need to...

Authors: Hua Huang, Jian Ling Hou, Bo Quan Liu

Abstract: The study on the rehabilitation of RC members with stainless steel wire mesh and polymer mortar indicates that debonding failure of...

Authors: Yan Ling Zhang, Yun Gang Zhang, Yun Sheng Li

Abstract: In this paper, the stress distribution of the orthotropic steel bridge deck in a suspend bridge under local wheel load is analyzed. Some...

Authors: Xiao Gui Wen, An Sun, Hui Ming Wu, Wen Tao Wang

Abstract: Bored pile is one of the most widely used foundation forms in civil engineering. Relationship between pile quality and its’ bearing capacity...


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