Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Che, Qing Li Wang, Yong Bo Shao, Hai Tao Mu

Abstract: Overall 12 specimens were experimentally investigated in this paper to study the hysteretic behaviors of the concrete-filled square...

Authors: Yu Guo Liang, Tian Bao Gao, Yu Deng

Abstract: Based on the established limit state equation and connected with a large amount of statistic analysis of testing data, central point law in...

Authors: Yi Yan Lu, Xue Peng Zhang, Zhi Yu Tang

Abstract: Strengthening by CFRP sticking to steel plates can exploit advantages of the two materials. The viscoelastic nature of FRP composites make...

Authors: Chung Sheng Wang, Long Hao

Abstract: The effective stress range (ESR) and the number of stress cycles (NSC) are two key parameters in fatigue damage evaluation. The inaccuracies...

Authors: Ying Li, Dong Zi Pan, Lian Zhang

Abstract: Self-locked anchor is a new type of underreamed anchor, and which is more and more frequently used in both new construction and structural...

Authors: Yi Min Wu

Abstract: Numerical simulations were conducted to investigate the bearing behaviour of steel foot pipe. Main mechanical affections occur at the...

Authors: Hai Xia Zhang, Ling Wang, Guo Rui Liu

Abstract: The objective of this study is to investigate the flexural behaviors and ductility of reinforced concrete beam with near-surface mounted...

Authors: Hai Jun Li, Zheng Zhen, Chuan Hao Liang, Ming Sheng Dai, Xiao Hua Lu

Abstract: The authors propose a structural strengthening method combining the concepts of preplaced aggregate concrete (PAC) and steel wire mesh...

Authors: Jin Lin Huang, Pei Yan Huang, Zheng Wei Li, Xiao Hong Zheng

Abstract: External bonding of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) plates or sheets composites has become a popular technique for strengthening concrete...

Authors: Lian Guang Jia, Li Zhe Hou

Abstract: A new type of complex reinforcement method for steel structure seldom used in pratical engineering mainly due to lack of theoretic and...


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