Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Li Li Sui, Tie Jun Liu, Feng Xing, Yu Xiang Fu

Abstract: This paper illustrates the results of an experimental study on the bending performance of concrete beams strengthened with near-surface...

Authors: Hong Chang, Jun Wu Xia, Hong Fei Chang, Feng Jie Zhang

Abstract: Finite element models, established using ANSYS, given the soil - structure interaction phenomena produced at the interface between the...

Authors: Peng Chang, Chang Yi Zhai

Abstract: As a new kind of structures, Multi-ribbed wall structure is now widely used in new-built buildings and old structures needed to be...

Authors: Xiao Juan Gao, Yue Hui Li, Jian Hou Li

Abstract: Longmen Grottoes is the famous cultural heritage. Many factors should be considered in reinforcement project of the plank way slab....

Authors: Qiang Jia, Fang Gu

Abstract: The settlement law during the underpinning process of a frame structure was analysed using the three-dimensional finite element model based...

Authors: Ming Li, Ga Zhang, C.F. Lee, Jian Min Zhang

Abstract: Excavations on steep slopes are common problems in practice; little work has been done on the geotextile reinforcement effect in such a...

Authors: Cheng Long Wei, Xu Lei, Guang Hui Wang

Abstract: With the nonlinear finite element method and the program based on ANSYS which is redeveloped by APDL in it, the ultimate bearing capacity of...

Authors: Yong Chang Guo, J.H. Xie

Abstract: This study is the first part of investigation into the interfacial mechanics performances of cracked reinforced concrete (RC) beam...

Authors: Yong Zhu, Yun Zhou, He Zhu

Abstract: One reinforced concrete coupling beam and two strengthened reinforced concrete coupling beams by bolted steel plates are analyzed by...

Authors: Ke Li, Tong Li, Dong Li Wang

Abstract: Firstly, it simulates different depth at nanmaquan and civil mines respectively with the software of MIDAS to carry out in phases; secondly,...


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