Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Gang Niu, Bing Zhang, Di Tao Niu

Abstract: Based on the theory of diffusion and mass transfer, a theoretical neutralization model for fly ash concrete eroded by acid rain was...

Authors: Kai Zhi Ma, Jian Guo Hou, Ji Yao Jia

Abstract: This paper summarizes the theories of the concrete damage under frost action. Based on experiments done by researchers in and abroad, the...

Authors: Yi Li, Bo Sun, Wen Zhao

Abstract: An accelerating calculation of reliability analysis on strength and stiffness for frame structure was derived. The method of numerical...

Authors: Rui Jin Zhang, Hui Lin Yang, Valérie L’Hostis, Arnaud Castel, Raoul François

Abstract: This paper deals with the steel/concrete interface of a corroded beam B2CL1 after a 23 years exposure in chloride environment. XRD, SEM and...

Authors: Yun Xu, Yin Xu, Jin Tang Cai, Hong Guang Luo

Abstract: The experimental study and finite element analysis of RC beams strengthened with CFRP board are introduced in this essay. Test research of...

Authors: Wa Li Song, Xue Fang Li, Ke Fei Ma

Abstract: Freeze-thaw cycles have the impact on mechanical properties of the concrete in northern areas of China. In this paper, on the basis of the...

Authors: Fei Zhao, Peng Feng, Chao He Chen, Wen Juan Lou

Abstract: The present study describes an experimental investigation on shear behavior of GFRP-concrete hybrid beams, consisting of reinforced concrete...

Authors: Yu Hong Ma, Gui Feng Zhao, Jie Cui, Ping Tan

Abstract: At present, seismic strengthening design reference period of the existing building is usually equal to 50 years in China, sometime this is...

Authors: Hong Wei Qi, Miao Li, Xiao Ning Huang

Abstract: In this paper, earthquake-resistance behaviors of existing masonry structures are evaluated based on a certain masonry building. The...

Authors: Zhong Chang Wang, Qing Yang

Abstract: A new method of inflicting equivalent pre stress is suggested to simulate mechanism on reinforcement of pre stress anchor cable on crack...


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