Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Wang, Gang Xu, Gui Ling Liang, Jun Wei

Abstract: Experiments have been finished for the bending resistance of 4 corroded RC beams with different corrosion degree and sustained load. From...

Authors: Jia Wei Shi, Hong Zhu, Zhi Shen Wu, Gang Wu

Abstract: Coupon tests were conducted to investigate the mechanical characteristics of basalt FRP (BFRP) sheet, basalt-carbon hybrid FRP sheets and...

Authors: Yu Chen, Rong Gui Liu, Wei Ling Zhou, Yi Duo Zhang, Tao Liu, Huan Li, Shao Feng Zhang, Chun Hua Lu

Abstract: Based on chloride diffusion and random field theory, an analytical model of PC structures in erosive environment with chloride corrosion...

Authors: Li Guo Ma, Yun Sheng Zhang, Lu Guang Song

Abstract: An experimental device which provided uniaxial sustaining tension stress to concrete was especially designed with pressed spring. The...

Authors: Guang Cheng Long, Kun Lin Ma, You Jun Xie

Abstract: Several experiments were carried out to investigate the effects of water to binder ratio(w/b) and mineral admixtures on water sorptivity and...

Authors: Min Yong, Wei Shen Zhu, Da Jun Yu, Li Ge Wang

Abstract: The reasonable selection of a location for underground structures has a great influence on the stability of surrounding rock masses,...

Authors: Kun Li

Abstract: The coming national specification for steel highway bridge will adopt the design method of probability limit state based on the structure...

Authors: Jun Deng, Jian Li, Xiao Yue Fang

Abstract: The existing long-span bridges deteriorate with time due to fatigue, overloading, corrosion and environmental effects. To date, condition...

Authors: Ding Han, Bing Gen Zhan, Xiao Ming Huang

Abstract: Damage evolution equations of asphalt mixture specimen beams were analyzed using the fracture toughness index and the ultimate tension...

Authors: Jian Liu, Juan Song, Qiang Yong Zhang

Abstract: For the safety of salt rock underground gas storage cavern, uncertainties of material parameters and their influence to structure must be...


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