Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Guo Wen Sun, Jin Yang Jiang, Yun Sheng Zhang, Cai Hui Wang

Abstract: The method of the second intrusion mercury in MIP was used to investigate the pore characteristics of hardened cement paste with w/c ratio...

Authors: Jian Guo

Abstract: The reliability of the existing tunnel will decline gradually during service period due to various factors. This paper analyzes the...

Authors: Li Xiong Gu, Zhi Fang Liu, Zhong Yong Xu

Abstract: The effect of the load ratio, R, or the mean-stress on fatigue life has been recognized for more than a hundred years. In this paper we...

Authors: Lei Wang, Ya Fei Ma, Jian Ren Zhang

Abstract: The influencing information of structural resistance cannot be exactly inspected due to limitation of the experimental means, time and...

Authors: Jun Zhi Zhang, Lie Lu, Liang Ying Wang, Jian Dong Wang

Abstract: The permeability of chloride ion in concrete can be studied using the accelerated aging method in a short period, but the influence of...

Authors: Tie Jun Liu, Li Li Sui, Du Jian Zou

Abstract: Carbonation of cementitious materials results in a reduction of the pH value which makes the material less alkaline and leads to unsightly...

Authors: Li Cheng Wang

Abstract: In this paper, the lattice network model on mesoscale is established based on the random geometry meshing technique to investigate the...

Authors: Wen Hui Tan, Miao Yu, Peng Fei Zhang

Abstract: Blasting is a conventional technique for mining, but structures adjacent to open pit mines are often damaged by blasting vibration,...

Authors: Shan Li, Yi Yan Lu, Hui Tao Ren

Abstract: Strengthening concrete structure with E-glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) is gaining more popularity, mainly due to their superior...

Authors: Jun Hu, Jin Ping Ou

Abstract: The cable is the main load-bearing component of suspension bridge and its safety assessment under extreme wind load is a key issue to the...


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