Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hai Liang Wang, Tong Wei Gao

Abstract: According to the 33 floors high building, blasting vibration monitoring had been carried on. The building, along Yunnan road tunnel of...

Authors: Bao Gang Mu, Yan Wang, Xiao Hua Yang

Abstract: This paper demonstrated the feasibility of the adding roof on Ming Dynasty Castle in the Square City of the Ming Tomb. First, the structure...

Authors: Yu Qiang Zhang, Xiu Hua Tang, Dong Hua Chen, Bo Hai Ji

Abstract: Based on the integral synchronous lifting project of main span for Nanlin Bridge, this paper mainly studies the causes which lead to...

Authors: Ying Lei, Yong Qiang Jiang

Abstract: When structural damage occurs, nonlinearity usually exists in damaged structures. So far, some progresses in the identification of...

Authors: Yue Lei He, Rong Shi

Abstract: Settlement monitoring in the process of roadbed construction is one of the key technologies in the quality of passenger railway roadbed...

Authors: Rong Shi, Yue Lei He

Abstract: In this paper, rail fastening of shanghai metro line1,2,3,4, the species distribution from a variety of fasteners and fastening performance...

Authors: Jing Yu, Hong Ping Zhu

Abstract: Since piezoelectric materials exhibit strong temperature dependency. The change of temperature results in marked variation of the PZT...

Authors: Li Sun, Hai Xia Zhang, De Zhi Liang, Zhe Li

Abstract: In this paper, FBG sensors are used to monitor and analyze the response of reinforced concrete frame-shear wall model in shaking table test...

Authors: Chun De Piao, Bin Shi, Lei Gao

Abstract: As a new type of detection technique, BOTDR can conduct the distributed detection of pile foundation. Based on the characteristic that BOTDR...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Yin, Zhe Gao, Yao Feng

Abstract: It has been proved that Multi-layer network computing can solve the nonlinear separable problem, but the problem which the hidden layer...


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