Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dong Wei Li, Ju Hong Fan, Hai Ming Chen, Jun Hao Chen, Ren He Wang

Abstract: To get massive concrete sidewall hydration heat and the frozen wall’s temperature distribution law, the temperature monitor and analysis...

Authors: Bin Yang, Jin Hua Huang, Chun Jiao Lin, Xing Kun Wen, Mao Jun Liu

Abstract: Based on the investigation of a constructing dumbbell-shaped concrete-filled steel arch bridge in Nanning, Guangxi, continuous on-site...

Authors: Yao Zhi Luo, Ruo Fei Tong

Abstract: Truss string structure (TSS) is a new type of large-span space structure which is composed of upper spatial truss and bottom high-strength...

Authors: Fei Zheng, Jin Yu Xu, Yong Chen, De Hui Zhao

Abstract: Underground arch structure is an important structure form of civil air defense engineering, and its damage detection is an important link in...

Authors: Young Oh Lee, Hyun Do Yun, Soo Yeon Seo

Abstract: This study was investigated the evolution of fracture damage of reinforced concrete (RC) beams strengthened in flexure with carbon...

Authors: Yan Qiang Li, Yan Liang Du, Shu Hong Liu

Abstract: According to the vibration characteristics of small sag cable, an equation of non-linear free transverse in-plane vibration of an inclined...

Authors: Yu Feng Xu

Abstract: Taking Xinguang Bridge as the engineering background, the way of model establishment for the dynamic characteristics analysis according to...

Authors: Nadia Hajihasani, Norhisham Bakhary

Abstract: This paper presents a study in the effect of spalling to dynamic parameters such as natural frequencies and mode shapes. Numerical example...

Authors: Ying Lei, De Ting Wu, Yong Qiang Jiang

Abstract: A new distributed structural damage detection approach based on a two-stage Kalman estimator approach, which is not available in the...

Authors: Hai Liang Wang, Tong Wei Gao

Abstract: According to fire station of Tuandao road along to the Yunnan road tunnel of Qingdao Cross-harbor Tunnel Guide Line Project, the blasting...


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