Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yan Li Guo, Xing You Yao

Abstract: According to anti-seismic design principle of strong column and weak beam, and of strong joint and weak member, reduced beam section(RBS) is...

Authors: Bin Yang, Qi Lin Zhang

Abstract: Recently, a modified Particle Swarm Optimizer (MLPSO) has been succeeded in solving truss topological optimization problems and competitive...

Authors: Jian Xi Mao

Abstract: In order to acquire a high quality of living environment, it is necessary to investigate the subjects of floor impact sound insulation....

Authors: Hong Sheng Zhao, Hui Ji

Abstract: Using the conventional structural design methods, the design result is usually not the most economical and the most reasonable. While, using...

Authors: Hui Ji, Hong Sheng Zhao

Abstract: Conventionally, when optimizing a structure, the single target structural optimization design method is usually used. However, this design...

Authors: Wen Feng Du, Zhi Yong Zhou, Sheng Xiang Wang, Fu Dong Yu

Abstract: The minimum weight design method of large-span statically determinate trusses satisfying the displacement constraint is studied. The...

Authors: Ke Min Zhou, Xia Li

Abstract: By triangle finite elements, grillages with stress constraints are optimized. From it an optimal beams systems or plate with reinforced ribs...

Authors: Yuan Tian, Qing Xuan Shi, Chao Yan Zhu

Abstract: Genetic algorithms (GA) have been shown to be very effective optimization tools for a number of engineering problems. Genetic algorithms...

Authors: Qiu Hong Song, Xin Tang, Ya Mei Lan, Yong Cheng Liang

Abstract: Ocean Data Buoy with fixed-point, real-time, long-term, continuous and accurate data collection capabilities is a modern ocean observing...

Authors: Gang Chen, Dan Meng, Yong Lin Fang

Abstract: This article selects a typical compound block as the research object, which use construction waste and other solid waste as main raw...


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