Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Hong Ying Dong, Wan Lin Cao, Jian Wei Zhang

Abstract: Two 1/6 scale core walls, including one RC core wall with steel tube-reinforced concrete columns and concealed steel trusses and one...

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Wan Lin Cao, Hong Ying Dong, Gang Li

Abstract: The shear wall with concrete filled steel tube (CFT) columns and steel plate is a new kind of composite shear wall. In order to know its...

Authors: Yue Chen

Abstract: The height of a complex supertall building is 250m. The central RC tube and peripheral SRC frame with two outrigger trusses are employed to...

Authors: Yue Chen

Abstract: In this paper, an optimal design process for high-rise building structures is presented based on cost-effectiveness criterion. Then, an...

Authors: Feng Guo Jiang, Zhen Qing Wang

Abstract: Genetic arithmetic operators in genetic algorithm be improved , and a hybrid genetic algorithm of a gradient algorithm combining with the...

Authors: Er Lei Wang, Zhe An Lu, Lang Zhou

Abstract: Take a High-rise Residential Building in Wuhan as research object, in assigns the construction plan under the premise, the optical...

Authors: Wei Li, Fei Gao, He Huang, Haruyuki Yamamoto, Kinji Takeuchi

Abstract: To satisfy the geotechnical strength requirements and the serviceability requirements, types of foundation systems (such as shallow...

Authors: Peng Lv, Sheng Li Lv, Guang Jun Yang, Qing Na Zeng, Xiao Yan Tong

Abstract: This paper discusses the unfolding form of the folding wing and its application to special UAV. The main investigations involve aspects such...

Authors: Kun Yu

Abstract: Three natural graphite flakes (35, 50 and 80 mesh) were used as raw material. Exfoliated graphite (EG) was prepared by rapidly heating...

Authors: Long Fei Wang, Mu Yu Liu

Abstract: On the background of a long-span composite girder cable-stayed bridge with three pylons under construction for research, this paper...


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