Advances in Structures

Volumes 163-167

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Qing Hua Meng, Yan Ling Zhang, Hong Shun Yu

Abstract: In order to obtain structural optimization design of rear banjo axle housing, a seven degree of freedom dynamic model of vehicle was...

Authors: Yong Tao Gao, Xiao Hu

Abstract: Based on integral property of unit glazing curtain wall (UGCW), considering the co-effect of glass and grids, set up the calculating method...

Authors: Paola Antonaci, Pietro G. Bocca, Davide Masera

Abstract: The aim of this work is to analyse the mechanical response of the masonry specimens under long-term action by means of cyclic tests. To this...

Authors: Tong Hui Qian, Shi Lei Zhang

Abstract: Due to the relevance of item damages on a building, a power transmission mechanism that can reflect the damage relevance is introduced into...

Authors: Jie Xu

Abstract: A practical method, based on the Akaike Information Criterion (AIC), is used to detect automatically the first P-wave arrival times during...

Authors: Na Xin Dai, Ping Tan, Fu Lin Zhou

Abstract: To make the active and semi-active vibration control system in civil engineering get rid of external power supply, a new piezoelectric...

Authors: Shao Fei Jiang, Zhao Qi Wu

Abstract: In this paper, a new rough-probabilistic neural network (RSPNN) model, whereby rough set data and a probabilistic neural network (PNN) are...

Authors: Ying Xu, Bi Qin Dong, Yi Jiang

Abstract: A 3×3 coupler based Mach-Zehnder Interferometer is used for delamination patch detection in FRP composite. Mechanical tests are performed...

Authors: Ren Ping Shao, Zhi Feng Xu, Jie Ma

Abstract: The gear structure is equivalent to disposed as a circinal plate, and also, the root crack of gear are simulated by setting the radial...

Authors: Fang Wen Wu, Cheng Feng Xue

Abstract: Based on the grey system theory, and combined with the construction features of cable-stayed bridges and construction control method, the...


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