Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Zhong Yu Liu, Chong Wu Ma, Zhuo Zhao

Abstract: A large-scale laboratory apparatus has been built to study the pullout behavior of mortar grouted glass fiber reinforced polymer (GFRP) soil...

Authors: Fan Shen Meng

Abstract: The study on contraction of high performance concrete affected by slag, ash, silica fume, concrete shrinkage reducing admixture and water...

Authors: Zheng Tao Hou, Ming Qing Sun, Bin Li, Xie Dong Zhang

Abstract: A new method is proposed to prepare carbon fiber reinforced concrete (CFRC) and carbon fiber (CF)/carbon black (CB) reinforced concrete in...

Authors: Feng Ge Wang, Yu Kui Li

Abstract: With photolithography process and screen printing technique, the compound cold cathode electrode was developed on the cathode glass plate...

Authors: Feng Ge Wang, Yu Kui Li

Abstract: Using insulation slurry as material, the combined type insulation wall was developed with the high-effective screen-printing process. Two...

Authors: Shi Guo Xiao, Wen Kai Feng

Abstract: Near-field seismic motion characteristics are analyzed in accordance with records of the 2008 Ms8.0 Wenchuan Earthquake measured at Wolong...

Authors: Wen Xu Ma, Ying Guang Fang, Zhe Li

Abstract: In this article soil is treated as non-uniform material including two parts : the matrix particles and the reinforcement particles. Through...

Authors: Haydar Faleh, Lu Ming Shen, Riadh Al Mahaidi

Abstract: Owing to its outstanding characteristics in good affinity to heterogeneous materials, corrosion resistance and on-the-spot processing...

Authors: Bao Feng Li, Jian Zheng, Xin Hua Ni, Lei Zhao, Guo Hui Zhong

Abstract: Laminated composites are the effective ways to toughen Al2O3 ceramics at present. The destruction process analysis of laminated ceramic...

Authors: Gui Hua Hou, Xiang Zhu, Yui Chi Cui

Abstract: Novel shaped phase change plate was made of wheat straw impregnated with Na2SO4 solution and water glass as cementing...


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