Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lu Min Wang, Da Ying Zhang, Xing Pei Liang

Abstract: A new cast-in-situ slab which is filled with novel filled material (EPS-block) consisting of disused expanded polystyrene plastic granule,...

Authors: Tao Ji, Yi Zhou Zhuang, Bao Chun Chen, Zhi Bin Huang

Abstract: Based on orthogonal array testing strategy (OATS), the effects of sand-binder ratio (S/B), water-binder ratio (W/B), and the ratio of steel...

Authors: Tao Ji, Bao Chun Chen, Yi Zhou Zhuang, Zhi Bin Huang, Yong Ning Liang

Abstract: Aim & Goff model was used to predict the packing degree of cementitious materials including cement and silica fume. The mix proportions of...

Authors: De Ling Wang

Abstract: The mitigation of earth force by placing expanded polystyrene (EPS) geofoam buffer between retaining wall and backfill soil under dynamic...

Authors: Ying Li Gao, Bao Guo Ma

Abstract: Tunnel lining concrete segment is the most critical and important structural member of shield tunneling. This investigation designed and...

Authors: Ming Jun Peng, Yong Sun, Ji Yao, Yong Hua Duan, Sai Bei Wang

Abstract: The mechanics behaviors on three-point bending of brazed aluminum honeycomb panel by FEM are investigated in this paper. The results show...

Authors: Xiao Xiong Zha, Pei Cheng Qin, Hong Xin Wang

Abstract: This work try to deal with the analysis of a class of sandwich panels widely employed in engineering constructions. In order to study its...

Authors: Peng Guo, Min Feng

Abstract: Recycled waste polystyrene foam can be used as heat-resistant construction material, which helps reduce white pollution, benefits the...

Authors: Yu Dong Wang, Xiao Chun Fan

Abstract: Based on experiment, the mix proportion matching with the design and construction requirements is obtained. It meets with the requirement of...

Authors: Gang Li

Abstract: Extreme water repellency is greatly desired for anticontamination and self-cleaning applications in new building walling materials. A...


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