Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: How Ji Chen, Wen Po Tsai, Ming Der Yang

Abstract: A kind of lightweight aggregate (LWA) has been successfully developed in Taiwan, which was made by expanding under heat fine sediments...

Authors: Ying Chun Tang, Xiao Duo Ou, Bao Tian Wang

Abstract: Through the in situ experiment of the ground-source heat pump (abbreviated as “GSHP”) system in Nanning Guangxi, this article has observed...

Authors: Qin Liu, Shu Cai Li, Li Ping Li, Yan Zhao, Xiao Shuai Yuan

Abstract: Liangshui Tunnel of Lanzhou-Chongqing railway and Tianpingshan Tunnel of Guiyang-Guangzhou railway are the background work. Combining the...

Authors: Li Feng Sun, Hong Po Wang, Mao Fa Jiang, Qi Zheng Lin, Chun Lai Liu, Yong Zou

Abstract: Under the experimental condition,the crystal phases of mold fluxes contained cuspidine, wollastonite and melilite. The addition of TiO2...

Authors: Rui Fang Wang

Abstract: The numerical analysis of finite element coupling infinite element is recently used to simulate the effects of unbounded foundation of...

Authors: Matthew Hiatt, Annika Mathiasson, John Okwori, Seung Seop Jin, Shen Shang, Gun Jin Yun, Juan Caicedo, Richard Christenson, Chung Bang Yun, Hoon Sohn

Abstract: In this paper, in-field ambient vibration testing of a highway bridge in South Korea under traffic loadings has been conducted to update its...

Authors: Xiao Li Shi, Meng Rou Yang

Abstract: The selection of constructive materials and structure inside long highway tunnel was studied aiming at the relatively closed internal...

Authors: Yong Jian Liu, Shi Hua Liang, Jia Wu Wu, Na Fu

Abstract: By comprehensively analyzing the main factors affecting vertical ultimate bearing capacity of single pile, a prediction model of Support...

Authors: Rui Lin Chen, Yun Qing Huang, Jun Xiang, Shi Cheng Ma, Chang Jun Yin, Hui Dong, Guo Yue Yang

Abstract: The principle of total potential energy with least value in elastic system dynamics is established ,based on the principle of total...

Authors: Shu Ying Liu, Xiao Jiao Zhang, Guang Bao Liu, Lei Zhang, Kui Fei Zhao, Yan Wei Hu, Jian Sha Ji

Abstract: It has been carried out the test and research to the stainless steel plate laser welding welded seam, by two-dimensional, three-dimensional...


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