Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pio Sifuentes Gallardo, Angélica Silvestre López Rodríguez, Laura Lorena Díaz Flores, Miguel Angel Hernández Rivera, L.F. Ramos de Valle, Carolina Sorto Castañon

Abstract: Biodiesel was synthesized using waste chicken oil and ethyl alcohol as reactives as well as denatonium benzoate and tin particles as...

Authors: Mahdi Shariati, Nor Hafizah Ramli Sulong, Hamid Sinaei, Mohammad Mehdi Arabnejad Khanouki, Payam Shafigh

Abstract: This paper describes five push-out tests carried out at the University of Malaya using channel shear connector. The tests study...

Authors: Qian Jin Shu, Guang Lin Yuan, Yun Fei Zhang, Guang Li Guo

Abstract: The performance of resisting foundation displacement of a typical single return circuit transmission tower under all kinds of load...

Authors: Mei Yang, Qing Shen Zeng, Hong Yu Wang, Wei Xing Zhang

Abstract: Resin transfer molding (RTM) is a very important category of low cost fibre reinforcement composite material manufacturing technique. But...

Authors: Jian Wei Zhang, Han Long Liu, Gui Yang

Abstract: Aimed at problems lying in the exiting methods for calculation of laterally loaded piles installed in layered soils, the elasto-plasticity...

Authors: Mohammad Mehdi Arabnejad Khanouki, Nor Hafizah Ramli Sulong, Mahdi Shariati

Abstract: Recent studies show that a through beam connections composed of concrete filled square steel tubular column and steel beam have been...

Authors: Feng Yi Tan, Rong Hua Zou, Han Bing Hu, Zu Kai Lin

Abstract: Replaced backfilling clay is one of the treatment measures in the Luwangfen swelling rock test Region of middle-route of South-to-North...

Authors: Angelica Silvestre Lopez Rodriguez, Pio Sifuentes-Gallardo, Carolina Sorto Castañon, Laura Lorena Díaz Flores, Miguel Angel Hernández Rivera, Richart Falconi Calderon

Abstract: This project studies the alternative chemical recycling of disposable bottles as raw material for the manufacture of a product known as...

Authors: Feng Quan Li, Chen Wang, Hong Bin Jiang, Xue Ying Li

Abstract: Post-embed pullout tests are applied to the concrete cubes of C15-C60. Based on the result of 50 concrete samples, the relationship between...

Authors: Lazaro De Jesus Dominguez Gallegos, Angélica Silvestre López Rodríguez, Pio Sifuentes Gallardo, Miguel Angel Hernández Rivera, María Guadalupe Garnica Romo, Laura Lorena Díaz Flores

Abstract: Indium stannate (InSnO3) films doping with small amounts of copper are made highly useful as architectural window coatings. Indium-tin-oxide...


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