Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rui Hong Wang, Jian Lin Li, Jing Guo, Yu Zhou Jiang, Li Dang

Abstract: Most of the engineering rock masses contain a variety of different levels of geological tectonic joints and weak planes, which can weaken...

Authors: Hong Li Zhao, Zhi Sheng Xu, Xue Peng Jiang

Abstract: The high-temperature toxic gas released by long railway tunnel fires not only causes great harm to persons, but also damages the structure...

Authors: Hong Mei Gao, Yan Lin Zhao, Ji Tao Zhao

Abstract: Consideration of influence of the groundwater seepage and supporting measures to deep-foundation pit,the deformation characteristics of...

Authors: Yan Lin Zhao, Wei Guang An

Abstract: Based on the limit equilibrium theory and the circular slip surface method, the state equation of limit equilibrium and the calculation...

Authors: Yue Yang, Xiao Guo Chen

Abstract: The design of the shiled tunnel segment is one of key and difficult problems in design of subway. The soil round the segments and the joint...

Authors: Zhuo Han, Zhi Ping Sun, Bo Yu

Abstract: On the basis of the experiment,the following problems are discussed,including coordinate work of the steel skeleton and concrete,the failure...

Authors: Dong Mei Luo, Ying Long Zhou, Hong Yang, Li Fen Li

Abstract: Combining the cohesive zone elements into the two-scale homogenization method, the effective mechanical properties of nano-composites with a...

Authors: Zhong Kui Zhao, Chang Long Li, Qing Zhou Sun, Pu Qing Zhang, Gui Qing Wang, Chang Qi Chen

Abstract: Effect of natural ageing on the precipitation of Al-5.6Zn-1.9Mg-1.6Cu- 1.1Li-0.24Cr (in wt.%) alloys were investigated. The ageing...

Authors: Cai Li Zhang, Lian Yu Wei, Qing Ying Meng

Abstract: To address Superpave graded and AC graded asphalt mixture, bending test at low temperature and thermal stress restrained sample tests are...

Authors: Xian Chao Xiang, Guo Sheng Jiang, Chang Qi Zhu

Abstract: Dry jet mixing (DJM) piles are widely used in silt foundation treatment to improve foundation stability and control post-construction...


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