Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Biao Ma, Sha Sha Wang, Jun Li

Abstract: The application of Phase Change Material (PCM) to asphalt mixture can lighten the temperature-dependent disease of the asphalt pavement and...

Authors: Zhen Shuan Zhang, Yu Deng, Wei Zhang, De Sheng Ju

Abstract: According to the practical project, settlement, reaction and bending moment of composite foundation with rammed soil-cement pile are...

Authors: Chao Qun Hou, Xiao Mou Wang, Ling Yun Yang

Abstract: Based on analyses on mineral composition, mechanical property and hydrology property, three kind of samples are made in both drying state...

Authors: An Nan Jiang, Jun Xiang Wang, De Hai Yu

Abstract: Differential Evolution (DE) is a new algorithm. Displacement back analysis method based on the algorithm can effectively solve the problems...

Authors: Yi Min Wu

Abstract: A new anti-freezing method for construction joints in tunnels is put forward through effective drainage ensured by heating with warm air or...

Authors: Xiao Jun Li, Li Hua Jiang, Yun Xian Wang

Abstract: In this paper, a new Indirect tensile tester (IDT) which can be cooperated with Industrial Computered Tomography (IDT) is developed. The new...

Authors: Xiao Sheng Song, Qing Jie Zhu

Abstract: This paper analyzes the interface problems of underground pipelines including pipe-soil contact interface and fluid-solid coupled...

Authors: Guo Lei Tang, Xiang Qun Song, Wen Yuan Wang, Zi Jian Guo

Abstract: The open-sea terminals are in bad natural conditions which cause mooring line failure and sudden vessel movement. Such an accident can lead...

Authors: Yan Shi, Li Bai

Abstract: Basing on the particular characteristics of corrugated pipe heat exchanger, the calculation method of the submersible corrugated pipe sewage...

Authors: Hui Min Li, Xing Run Zhong, Xia Jiao, Tan Xiao

Abstract: To effectively evaluate the safety of houses and buildings, and its owners, users and managers in the usage and management of the process to...


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