Advances in Building Materials, ICSBM 2011

Volumes 168-170

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yue Lei, Xiong Zeng, Fang Huang

Abstract: The evaluation of the correct stability factor of tunnel is a critical element in the various design and construction phases of a tunnel...

Authors: Xiang Zhao, En Shen Long, Lu Hong Huang

Abstract: Energy saving and low carbon footprint are becoming key issues in recent architectural design. It's necessary to develop new materials and...

Authors: Zhong Wen Yue, Hui Zhang, Bo Yang Dou, Peng Fei Han

Abstract: In order to study high strength and other characteristics of high strength concrete, scanning electron microscopy and mercury pressure...

Authors: Ning Zhuang, Wan Jun Ye, Ku Zhu Zhu

Abstract: In this paper a 3D FEM model is established to simulate the dayuliang tunnel which is located in the gob area. The vertical and horizontal...

Authors: Tian Wen Dong, Ying Ren Zheng, Lian Zhuang Huang, Gang Chen

Abstract: For judging the security of pile foundation, the loading static test is popularly used in engineering. Some conditions could confine this...

Authors: Da Kun Shi, Yang Song Zhang

Abstract: Weak intercalated rock plays an important role in the stability of engineering rock mass. It controls the mechanism of deformation and...

Authors: Xiao Rui Wang, Feng Li, Xiao Feng Jia

Abstract: Testing the overlength pile in urban subway engineering is the key for quality control. Because of the limitations of urban construction...

Authors: Yong Zhu, Ray K.L. Su, Qi Cai Yu

Abstract: The initial crack propagation directions of branched cracks under tension are investigated. In this study, the material is assumed to be...

Authors: Wan Sheng Yang, Kai Hua Guo

Abstract: The passive evaporative cooling roof in building is an important passive thermal insulation technology with the development of green roof,...

Authors: Xu Guang Tang, You Jun Xie, Guang Cheng Long

Abstract: The deterioration on sulfate attack was investigated both in physical crystallization and the chemical erosion. Specimens that suffered...


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