Precision Surface Finishing and Deburring Technology

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: X.B. Zhai, H. Wang, Wen Ji Xu, H.Y. Li, Jin Jin Zhou

Abstract: Top-quality surfaces are obtained by means of pulse electrochemical finishing (PECF) in neutral electrolyte. The machining principles and...

Authors: Zong Wei Niu, Qing Zhi Zhao, Xiu Ting Wei

Abstract: The influence of whisker orientation on machining mechanism, material removal rate and roughness of finished surface when machining the...

Authors: Y. Hasuda, Y. Suzuki, T. Kato, R. Meguriya, T. Furusawa, T. Ohashi

Abstract: High density and isotropic poreless structure of Glass-like-carbon makes it practically used for fuel cells of space-shuttles and hard disk...

Authors: Wen Jun Deng, Wei Xia, Long Sheng Lu, Yong Tang

Abstract: 2D finite element model with the same material for backup to minimize the burr size was developed to investigate mechanism of burr...

Authors: Cong Rong Zhu, Ju Long Yuan, Bing Hai Lv, Zhao Zhong Zhou

Abstract: This paper focuses on the application of Taguchi method for optimization of SUS440 stainless steel polishing process parameters to obtain...

Authors: Y. Kato, K. Ohmri, E. Hatano, K. Takazawa

Abstract: BEST-JAPAN has being proceeded the standardization of the Edge Quality. Already, we announced this one at international conference on...

Authors: Tong Wang, Xin Fu Zhang, Xue Fang Zhao, M. Kunieda

Abstract: This paper studies on a newly developed method, WEDM in gas, and discribes the features of finishing dry-WEDMed surface, such as narrower...

Authors: Shi Chao Xiu, Chang He Li, Guang Qi Cai

Abstract: There are lower grinding force and temperature in quick-point grinding process because of the higher grinding speed and the less depth of...

Authors: Q.L. Du, X.H. Chen, Ke Hua Zhang

Abstract: In this paper, based on analyzing the properties of medical Ti-6Al-4V Titanium alloy, the author takes the purpose of studying the...

Authors: H.P. Tsui, Biing Hwa Yan, K.L. Wu, W.C. Wu

Abstract: Electrochemical buffing technology (ECB) applies electrochemical and mechanical finishing characteristics in the surface finishing process....


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