Precision Surface Finishing and Deburring Technology

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doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yu Li Sun, Dun Wen Zuo, Yong Wei Zhu, Rong Fa Chen, D.S. Li, M. Wang

Abstract: Cryogenic polishing single silicon wafer with nano-sized CeO2 abrasives can be known as cryogenic fixed abrasives CMP (CFA-CMP). The...

Authors: Jian Yun Shen, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: In this study, rock minerals of natural stone were finely polished with loose abrasive and ELID technology to study the surface behaviours....

Authors: Yun Wang, Z.Y. Xu, Y.H. Fu, Lan Cai

Abstract: Laser surface texturing (LST) technology that is firstly used in rollers, is a specialized surface engineering process capable of enhancing...

Authors: Quan Lai Li, Chuan Zhen Huang, Jun Wang, Hong Tao Zhu, Cui Lian Che

Abstract: The potential of abrasive waterjet technology was investigated as a method to polish Z-blocks of synthetic quartz crystals. The polished...

Authors: Yan Li, Hang Gao, Ren Ke Kang

Abstract: Cd1−xZnxTe (CZT) is an excellent ternary compound semiconductor. CZT is the most suitable substrate material for Hg1−yCdyTe epitaxial...

Authors: Yan Wang, Shi Ming Wang, H. Zhou, De Jin Hu

Abstract: A novel truing and dressing method, namely dry electrical discharge (dry-ECD) assisted truing and dressing, is proposed to overcome the...

Authors: Jian Hua Zhang, Pei Qi Ge, L. Zhang

Abstract: The grinding force was one of the most important parameters, almost related with all the parameters in grinding. In this paper, the...

Authors: Wei Li, Tian Ming Yu, Xiao Zhen Hu, B. Zhang, Y.H. Zhang

Abstract: Based on the kinematic analysis of the double sided polishing process, the equation of relative velocity (the workpiece to the polishing...

Authors: S.L. Ma, Wei Li, Cong Rong Zhu, J. Zhang, H.C. Ye

Abstract: Tungsten carbide which is a hard and brittle material was ground by cast-iron bonded diamond wheel with ELID (Electrolytic In-Process...

Authors: You Ji Zhan, Yuan Li, Hui Huang, Xipeng Xu

Abstract: Grinding forces, protrusion and wear of diamond grit have been studied in grinding granite with a single-layer brazed diamond wheel. The...


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