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Authors: Yan Tong, Sha Long, Zhong Fu Wang, Xiao Ming Xu, An Hou Long
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Abstract:The composition and properties of phosphate cement, the requirement of its materials needed are discussed. Its compositional materials are...
Authors: Guo Yu Yang, Jing Tian Yang, Cui Lian Xu, Deng Gao Jiang
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Abstract:Novel catalysts with higher metal content were synthesized through the addition of a diamine. The catalysts showed excellent performances in...
Authors: Zhi Wei Wang, Jun Chen
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Abstract:Powder of Ti-46at%Al alloy was synthesized through mechanical activation (MA) and then sintered and concurrently consolidated in a short...
Authors: Xin Jie Wang
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Abstract:Apply an organic whole technological medium of computer aided three dimensions design 、computer aided solidification process numerical value...
Authors: Jang Shyong You, Hsiao Chiu Lee
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Abstract:Based on product analysis, this paper identifies six toy design factors, including a set meal model, cartoon characters, mechanical...
Authors: Shu Lan Zhang
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Abstract:The microstructure evolution of the supercooling austenite for the eutectoid carbon steel during deformation was analyzed. The experiment...
Authors: Sha Long, Yan Tong, Fu Xuan Shen, Hong Ke Ai, An Hou Long
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Abstract:The mechanism for phosphate cement hydraulic reaction is determined. The microscopic process is described by means of scanning electronic...
Authors: Jian Li
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Abstract:The effects of PTFE on the tensile and tribological properties of glass fiber reinforced polyamide 6(PA6) composites were studied....
Authors: Shui Jin Yang, Yong Kui Huang, Li Yu
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Abstract:A novel catalyst, H4SiW12O40/SiO2 was synthesized by a sol-gel technique, and characterized by...
Authors: Jian Li, Chi Lan Cai
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Abstract:The friction and wear properties of carbon fibers (CF) reinforced polypropylene (PP) composite were studied. The influences of the fiber...
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