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Authors: Aniruddha Ghosh, Somnath Chattopadhyaya
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Abstract:This paper is focused on deriving an analytical solution to predict the transient temperature distribution on the plate during the process of...
Authors: Xin Qun Zhang
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Abstract:The die base is the most complicated standard part of stamping dies. In the design process of stamping die, die bases are used repeatedly....
Authors: Shu Qiang Wang, Jing Ge Gao, Wei Lu
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Abstract:A new method of CNC machine tool servo system fault diagnosis expert system is proposed.We analyse and design the protype structure of CNC...
Authors: Zhen Guo Zhang, Guo Yuan Shi, Ying Zhang, Lian Feng Gao, Chang Shui Liu, Peng Zhang
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Abstract:Marine gas hydrate is a new energy in the 21st century with the huge amount of resources and cleaning. But its decomposition and the release...
Authors: Lian Feng Gao, Peng Zhang, Ying Zhang, Zhen Guo Zhang, Chang Shui Liu
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Abstract:Polymetallic nodules/crusts are one of the most important mineral deposits in the ocean, in which iron, manganese, copper, cobalt, nickel and...
Authors: Bao Zhong Qu, Cheng Hong Zhang, Cheng Guang Zhang
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Abstract:Due to the missile in flight, the airflow temperature around the missile body shall rise and the surface of the missile body shall also be...
Authors: Xiao Jing Xu, Dan Chen, Xi Ling Xin, Kun Tian, Chun Hang Yu, Xin Lan Sheng
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Abstract:TiB2-TiN composite films/SiC films (SiC films as interlayer) were deposited on biomedical titanium alloy (Ti6Al4V) through...
Authors: Wen Hui Mo
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Abstract:Geometry parameters, material properties and applied loads of the gear box are regarded as normal random variables. A model of reliability...
Authors: Yong Fu, Huan Ju Cao
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Abstract:A new coagulant for spilled oil with bentonite and CaCl2 and sawdust has been done in our lab. The experiment indicates that...
Authors: Wen Hui Liu, Zhong Ju Hu, Ling Ying Ye, Ying Feng Liu
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Abstract:The experiments of certain aluminum alloy plate penetrated by 7.62mm armor piercing projectile were carried out, then a penetration model of...
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