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Authors: Jin Cui Zhang, Xi Jun Liu, Tie Ning Ma
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Abstract:Polyurethane elastomers (PUE) were prepared by casting method using the prepolymer and the chain extender. In here, the prepolymer...
Authors: Juan Hua Su, Xiao Fei Liu, Yun Yun Chen, Yu Lin Shi
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Abstract:In order to establish a suitable heat treatment process after forging for the heavy forgings to prevent “grain inheritance”, a heat treatment...
Authors: Mei Ding, Ying Jie Lei, Fang Xu, Ou Yang Jie
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Abstract:The interaction between self-synthesized fluorescent probe 2-(2'- Chloro phenyl)- 5- (2'- hydroxyl phenyl)1,3,4-oxadiazole (HOXD) and Calf...
Authors: Yan Ling Luo, Qiang Suo Feng, Feng Xu
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Abstract:Copper nanoparticles were fabricated in poly(vinyl alcohol)/polyacrylamide interpenetrating polymer networks (PVA/PAAm IPNs) by reduction of...
Authors: You Ming Cao
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Abstract:Pd catalyst is very active in Suzuki reaction. As a heterogeneous catalyst, SWNTs/Pd shows highly catalytic ability with Suzuki reaction. We...
Authors: Ying Shi Sun, Tian Min Guan, Xu Zhang
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Abstract:FA high-precision drive, namely cycloid driving speed reducer with three cycloid gears, adopts the new driving structure of three cycloid...
Authors: Jun Cai Zhang, Cheng Chang Jia
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Abstract:In this paper, nano-Ti3SiC2/MoSi2 composite, whose second phase was 20-150nm, was in situ prepared by...
Authors: Jun Qiu, Xiao Dong Liu, Xian Jun Lu, Gui Fang Wang
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Abstract:In order to research the colloidal and thixotropic performance of the inorganic gel prepared by high purity montmorillonite, this study uses...
Authors: Qi Zhu, Lin Wang, Qin Li Yang
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Abstract:Through the analysis of manufacture methods on molybdenum substrate target at home and abroad, method of powder metallurgy is put forward....
Authors: Jian Ping Niu, Zhuang Qi Hu
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Abstract:The denitrogenation technology and mechanism of a new kind of Ni-base superalloy during vacuum induction melting (VIM) were studied. The...
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