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Authors: Wen Hao Hsing, Wei Jay Yang, Ya Lan Hsing
Textile Materials
Abstract:In this experiment, use of far infrared filled fabric of instillation of sweat on the man the purpose of detecting artificial sweat on the...
Authors: Wen Hao Hsing, Chuang Ting Yeh, Ming Cheng Lin
Textile Materials
Abstract:In this study, to change the proportion of 20%、21% RFL solution content, and in which compounds were added 7%, 8% of the IL-6 conditions, in...
Authors: Wen Hao Hsing, Ting Chuang, Pei Jing Chen, Nien Ting Lee
Textile Materials
Abstract:The purpose of this study is to make an electroluminescent fabric, through the dip-coating method, use different layer materials in turns to...
Authors: Chien Kuo Yen, Wen Hao Hsing, Shih Yang Chen
Textile Materials
Abstract:In this study, the PET/Nylon woven fabrics first treated with infrared radiation and microwave, then dipped isocyanate solution. The surface...
Authors: Yi Jun Pan, Wei Sheng Chuang, Chao Yu Lin, Chun Hua Chu
Textile Materials
Abstract:By using electrospinning method, polyamide 6 (PA 6) nanofibers containing 1 wt% of AgNo3 were spun from different concentrations...
Authors: Chien Kuo Yen, Yi Jun Pan, Yi Yen Yeh, Yen Yu Chen, Yi Jyun Yao
Textile Materials
Abstract:During PET fabric dyed with disperse dye by adding ZnO powder and ceramic bead made from which was studied. To utilize the effect of...
Authors: Yi Jun Pan, Chien Kuo Yen, Feng Wei Cheng, Wen Hao Hsing, Wei Sheng Chuang
Textile Materials
Abstract:Electrospinning of polyacrylonitrile was used to investigate the effect of horizontal vs. vertical fiber deposition methods and operating...
Authors: Guo Dong Gao, Wen Xiao Zhang, Gong Zhi Yu, Jiang Hua Sui
Textile Materials
Abstract:The structure, characteristics and principles of BP neural network model are described in this paper. First, three impact factors of the...
Authors: Zhi Lan Zhan, Yi Ren Chen, Jing Song Wang
Textile Materials
Abstract:The trapezoidal tearing method was utilized for the polyurethane coated fabrics with five different Silicone contents. The correlation of...
Authors: Wen Yu Wang, Xin Jin, Shuan Qing Hou, Yu Feng Zhang, Xiao Xu Sha
Textile Materials
Abstract:The effect of acid modification using 1mol/L HCl on viscosity, thermal properties and mechanical properties of potato starch pastes and...
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