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Authors: Jiang Wei Yao, Wei Dong Yu
Textile Materials
Abstract:Optim™ fine is a new generation of ultrafine wool fibres, which are transformed by stretching and setting from merino wool. The Optim™ fine...
Authors: Hao Zhang, Rui Wang, Jian Kun Wang
Textile Materials
Abstract:Cationic starch is a kind of sizing agent which have good prospect of application, but its high viscosity limits its use. In this work low...
Authors: Hai Jian Cao, Kun Qian, Qu Fu Wei, Hong Shun Li
Textile Materials
Abstract:On the basis of previous studies, the structural model of spacer fabric composites were built by using the finite element software ANSYS for...
Authors: Xiao Hua Li, Dao Guang Lin
Textile Materials
Abstract:Based on the underground supply room properties and the boundary layer theory, this paper derived the temperature calculation formula of the...
Authors: Yun Hui Xu, Xiao Li Zhang
Textile Materials
Abstract:In order to take advantage of specific properties of sericin to develop cotton fabrics with the healthcare function, the cotton fabric...
Authors: Bin He, Zhi Juan Pan
Textile Materials
Abstract:Poly(m-phenyleneisophthalamide)(PMIA) has been widely applied in special protective clothing, high temperature filter materials, electrical...
Authors: Xiang Qian Sheng, Rui Ping Zhang, Mei Niu, Han Yang, Jin Ming Dai, Li Bin Gao
Textile Materials
Abstract:Through the addition of nano-silicon dioxide in the pure polyphenylene sulfide, the masterbatches were obtained, then using melt spinning...
Authors: Fang Fang Liu, Tong Huan Ke
Textile Materials
Abstract:In order to improve the washing durability of fire-resistant viscose fiber which was preparated by blending technology, self-made aziridine...
Authors: Jin Quan Wang, Li Jun Qu, Guo Hua Chen
Textile Materials
Abstract:A new flats-delivering device has been invented to improve the straight and parallel alevel of fibers in a friction spinning fram. The...
Authors: Wen Hao Hsing, Yuan Jyun Huang, Yi Kui Wang, Ming Zheng Lin
Textile Materials
Abstract:This research of the PET/Nylon fabric pre-treatment by far-infrared and adding Methylenediphenylisocyanate(MDI) to 0%、2%、4%、6% and 8%....
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