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Authors: Mei Guang Fan, Shuang Ping Lin, Qiao Fei Chen, Shao Kui Deng, Ju Xing Yang, Ben Rong Sun
Thin Films
Abstract:The PC steel bars were cold-headed and the upset heads were not cracked in the process of the PC steel bars. The upset head of PC steel bars...
Authors: Hou Shun Sun, Shi Hong Shi, Ge Yan Fu, Jia Zhang, Chen Wang, Hong Yuan Li
Thin Films
Abstract:Insider-laser coaxial powder feeding laser cladding is one kind of technique, which can be used in metal part directly manufacturing field....
Authors: Yang Yang Li, Jun Jie Hao, Xiao Lu Pang
Thin Films
Abstract:SiC films were prepared by mid-frequency (MF) magnetron sputtering with graphite and poly-silicon targets on polycrystalline...
Authors: G.P Zhang, X.Q Wang, G.H Lv, H Chen, H Pang, L Zhou, J Huang, W Chen, S.Z Yang
Thin Films
Abstract:A series of Ti-Al-N films were deposited on silicon wafer and steel substrates by cathodic vacuum arc technique in N2/Ar gas...
Authors: Xing Kai Duan, Yue Zhen Jiang
Thin Films
Abstract:N-type Bi2(Te0.95Se0.05)3 thermoelectric thin films with thickness 800 nm have been deposited on...
Authors: Hong Li Wang, Xiu Juan Hou, Jing Rui Tian
Thin Films
Abstract:With the question of Ozone Depression Potential and Global Warming Potential popping out day by day, the Freon refrigerant alternative has...
Authors: Su Min Wang, Qi Guan Wang, Jian Ping Li, Hiroshi Moriyama, Wei Xing Chen
Thin Films
Abstract:Thin films of single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWNTs) attached to an ITO surface (SAM–ITO) self-assembled in advance from...
Authors: Xiao Hua Sun, Sheng Gang Zhou, Zhi Meng Luo, Shuang Hou, Tian You Peng, Xing Zhong Zhao
Thin Films
Abstract:Pb0.3Sr0.7TiO3 (PST) and 4.5 mol% Mn doped Pb0.3Sr0.7TiO3 (PSTMn) thin...
Authors: Qi Wen Xue, Xiu Yun Du
Thin Films
Abstract:In order to determine thermal parameters of mass concrete, this paper utilizes homotopy technique to solve an inverse transient heat...
Authors: Xin Song Chen, Wei Yao, Ai Qin Duan
Thin Films
Abstract:The defocus distance is one of the most important factors during filling laser welding with wire. Keeping defocus distances stability is the...
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