Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Du, Jun Wei Di

Abstract: A simple one-step method was developed to electrodeposit gold thin film from HAuCl4 solution with cyclic voltammetric mode on...

Authors: Tao Yu, Su Yu Wang, Yun Xiao Fan

Abstract: The gear honing process is a widely used process for gear finishing after heat-treated. The honing ring is profiled by diamond dressing...

Authors: Chen Wang, Shi Hong Shi, Ai Qin Xu, Xue Lei Han, Hong Yuan Li, Hou Shun Sun

Abstract: The effects of process parameters such as laser power, scanning velocity and wire feeding speed on weld joint quality has been discussed...

Authors: Can Wang, Quan Sheng Wang, Xian Jin Ning, Zhong Du, Yan Bo Liu, Ping Gu

Abstract: In this study, the feedstock powder for plasma spray was prepared by spray drying and post-sintering at 1360 °C using raw metal oxides. The...

Authors: Fa Gen Li, Bin Wei, Zhen Quan Bai, Xue Hui Zhao

Abstract: Recently a new method for manufacturing bimetal clad pipes is introduced, which can integrate centrifugal casting with extrusion technology...

Authors: Yan Wang, Ying Huang, Qiu Fen Wang

Abstract: Compared polyvinyl alcohol with citric acid as complexing agent, nanocrystalline nickel-zinc ferrite thin films were prepared by sol-gel...

Authors: Chang Hua Zhang, Zhi Qiang Yu

Abstract: Epitaxial films of magnesium silicide Mg2Si are prepared by magnetron sputtering system on Si (111) substrates. The crystal...

Authors: Xing Xin Gao, Yan Hui Jia, Gong Ping Li, Jun Ping Ma, Yun Bo Wang

Abstract: The Cu thin films have been deposited on Si(100) substrates by magnetron sputtering at room temperature. The samples were heat treated by...

Authors: Yi Hua Sun, Chen Hui Li, Wei Hao Xiong, Cai Hua Huang

Abstract: Transparent conducting aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) films have been prepared on soda-lime glass substrates by radio frequency magnetron...

Authors: Li Sheng Zhang, Yuan Lin Zhou, Ya Hui Sun, Hong Bo Bao

Abstract: In this article,we report the results obtained from a study adopting solution of sodium naphthalene complex to modify the...


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