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Authors: Chi Sheng Chien, Yu Sheng Ko, Tsung Yuan Kuo, Tze Yuan Liao, Ting Fu Hong, Tzer Min Lee
Thin Films
Abstract:Hydroxyapatite (HA) is a frequently used bioactive coating material. However, when HA coating is soaked in the simulated body fluid (SBF), it...
Authors: Yu Feng Peng, Jin Lan Cui
Thin Films
Abstract:Based on the design principle of high reflective (HR) membrane of multilayer medium. The HR membrane appropriate for the chemical...
Authors: Sil Ro Jin, Jong Keun Lee
Thin Films
Abstract:The effects of the polyhedral oligomeric silsequioxanes (POSS) in stacked poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA) film samples were investigated in...
Authors: Siti Khatijah Deraman, N.S. Mohamed, R.H.Y. Subban
Thin Films
Abstract:Poly (vinyl) chloride (PVC)-based proton conducting polymer electrolytes have been prepared by solution cast technique. The effect of...
Authors: Jing Xu, Guang Hui Min, Hua Shun Yu, Jing Li
Thin Films
Abstract:Lanthanum hexaboride films were deposited on SiO2 substrates in a vacuum chamber by D.C. magnetron sputtering from Lanthanum...
Authors: Qian Qian Hua, Li Sheng Zhang, Pei Jie Wang
Thin Films
Abstract:The laser-induced thermoelectric voltage was observed for the first time in praseodymium doped LaMnO3 thin film grown on LaAlO3...
Authors: Zhi Bing Li, Shi De Xiao
Thin Films
Abstract:Adaptive genetic algorithm (AGA) is wildly used nowadays for its features such as global searching, fast convergence speed and so on. But it...
Authors: Qing Ping Zhang, Zhi Geng Fan
Thin Films
Abstract:Two-dimensional (2D) regular and random cell models composed of circular cells are developed to simulate the microstructure of polymer foams....
Authors: Jia Mu Huang, Xiao Pei Hao, Meng Wu, Ge Tao Hu
Thin Films
Abstract:The effect of deposition parameters such as sputtering power, nitrogen flow rate and thickness of TaNx on the optical performance...
Authors: Ai Qin Xu, Ge Yan Fu, Chen Wang, Hui Zhang, Shuang Liu, Hong Pu Wei
Thin Films
Abstract:Two new kinds of Ni-based and Fe-based alloy power have been developed. Both kinds of power have been successfully coated by laser cladding...
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