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Authors: Kuen Tae Park, Dong Kwon Kim, Jin Woo Lee, Moon G. Lee, Hyun Jung Kim
Thin Films
Abstract:Energy deficiency and heat generation are key problems for electronics of mobile devices such as smart phone, portable multi-media player,...
Authors: Bo Cao, Yan Hui Jia, Gong Ping Li, Seong Jin Cho, Hee Kim
Thin Films
Abstract:The Cu films were deposited on P type Si (111) substrates by ionized cluster beam (ICB) technique. The interface reaction and atomic...
Authors: Yong Zhao, Shuo Hou, Li Guang Fang, Yu Yu Wu, Li Wang, Guang Hu Sheng, Jian Cheng Tang, Ying Liu
Thin Films
Abstract:Keeping deposition temperature and oxygen pressure constant at 300°C and 4.0×10-2Pa, respectively, deposition of ZnO thin films...
Authors: Tie Dong Cheng, Xin Gui Tang, Shu Juan Kuang, Nan Ding, Yan Ping Jiang, Qiu Xiang Liu
Thin Films
Abstract:Lead strontium zirconate titanate (Pb0.92Sr0.08)(Zr0.65Ti0.35)O3 (PSZT) thin films...
Authors: Guo You Yin, Jie Sun
Thin Films
Abstract:Application of whey soy proteins to wastewater processing and beverages were investigated under different conditions.Decoloration and...
Authors: Xin Liu, Zhi Yong Mao, Yong Ping Lei
Thin Films
Abstract:Microstructures of electron beam welded joints for TA15 titanium alloy with different hydrogen contents were observed and analyzed by SEM and...
Authors: Xian Qi Wei, Yong Jie Wang, Ming Yang Zhang, Zhong Zhang
Thin Films
Abstract:ZnO thin films are grown on sapphire substrate by employing a Nd:YAG (1064nm) laser ablation in 1.3 Pa oxygen ambient. X-ray diffraction...
Authors: Ai Qin Duan, Shui Li Gong
Thin Films
Abstract:In this paper, the keyhole of YAG laser welding 5A90 Al-Li alloy was observed and measured through the high speed camera. The characteristics...
Authors: Yun Feng Wang, Jiang Hong Yao, Guo Zhi Jia
Thin Films
Abstract:CdS, ZnO and ZnO/CdS core-shell nanorod films were prepared by chemical bath deposition. The samples were characterised by UV-Vis...
Authors: Zhi He, Lan Yun Li, Yong Qin Liu
Thin Films
Abstract:This paper investigates a new method, the Levenberg-Marquardt method, to calculate the phase equilibria of the Al-Cu-Mg ternary alloys. The...
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