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Authors: Shu Lan Guo, Jia Li, Xue Dong Xu
Thin Films
Abstract:Ferroelectric thin films...
Authors: Xiao Hua Sun, Xiu Neng Li, Sheng Gang Zhou, Shuang Hou, Tian You Peng, Xing Zhong Zhao
Thin Films
Abstract:Fe doped up-graded and down-graded PST thin films were prepared on Pt/Ti/SiO2/Si with sol–gel method. Crystal structure and...
Authors: Ge Ming Tan, Qing Qing Sun, Hong Liang Lu, Peng Fei Wang, Shi Jin Ding, David Wei Zhang
Thin Films
Abstract:The absence of stable oxide/GaAs interface greatly holds back the step of GaAs-based MOSFETs fabrication. In this letter, we report on the...
Authors: Jian Miao, Shi Dong Zhu, Qiang Wang, Yao Rong Feng, Xin Wei Zhao
Thin Films
Abstract:The properties of corrosion scale on P110 carbon steel in the saltwater solution containing CO2 have been examined by...
Authors: Hong Rui Ao, Deng Pan, Hong Yuan Jiang
Thin Films
Abstract:The contact at head/disk interface in hard disk drives subject to an external shock has been studied using the finite element method. A rigid...
Authors: Jin Hua Li, Meng Zhao, Jiang Bin Su, Mei Ping Jiang
Thin Films
Abstract:WO3/Pd layered composite films were prepared by magnetron Sputtering on glass substrate. After deposition, samples were annealed with...
Authors: Rong Fan, Lin Jun Wang, Jian Huang, Ke Tang, Ji Jun Zhang, Wei Min Shi, Yi Ben Xia
Thin Films
Abstract:ZnO thin films were deposited by radio frequency (R. F.) magnetron sputtering on various diamond film substrates with different surface...
Authors: Guo Rui Zhang, Yong Bao, Qian Li Ma, Li Meng Yu, Ling Fei Ji, Yi Jian Jiang
Thin Films
Abstract:Continuous CO2 laser irradiation is exploited to realize nanocrystallization of Fe based amorphous alloys...
Authors: Juan Yang, Chuan Liang Zang, Lei Sun, Nan Zhao, Ya Zhou Zhou
Thin Films
Abstract:Large area graphene oxide (GO) film was prepared by vacuum filtration method through a membrane with a pore size of 25 nm, using GO sheets...
Authors: Ali M. Al Samhan
Thin Films
Abstract:Bonded structure are commonly of three types, purely adhesive bonded, weld-bonded and adhesive/mechanical structures. Present work concern...
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