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Authors: Zhi Hai Cai, Yue Lan Di, Jia Wu He, Ping Zhang
Thin Films
Abstract:In order to increase the service life for piston rings, the (Cr ,Ti) N composite coatings have been successfully synthesized on 65Mn steel...
Authors: Jian Huang, Lin Jun Wang, Ke Tang, Ji Jun Zhang, Wei Min Shi, Yi Ben Xia, Xiong Gang Lu
Thin Films
Abstract:ZnS films were prepared by radio-frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering method. The effects of substrate temperature and annealing treatment on...
Authors: Zhi Ying Zhang, Zhan Chao Gao, Ying Li
Thin Films
Abstract:The Soil-Structure Interaction (SSI) Effect exists everywhere, but the existing researches on actual damping of SSI system are not so...
Authors: Kai Bi, Jun Liu, Qi Xun Dai
Thin Films
Abstract:Boron carbon nitride (BCN) is a new type of super-hard material with excellent properties, and is very suitable for use as a wear-resistant...
Authors: Peng Fei Huang, Chao Tang, Zhen Yang Lu
Thin Films
Abstract:Undercut is one of the most important problems which restrict welding speed. The research indicated that surface flow direction of welding...
Authors: Zhi Ling Zhao, Ying Lin, Shu Po Liu
Thin Films
Abstract:The ultrafiltration membrane technology which has been regarded as the water treatment technology for the human beings in the 21 century...
Authors: Sadegh Moeinifar
Thin Films
Abstract:The anisotropy of tensile properties and charpy impact fracture toughness and its relationship with UOE pipe forming has been study on X80...
Authors: Wen Ting Liu, Zheng Tang Liu
Thin Films
Abstract:HfO2 thin films were prepared by radio frequency (RF) magnetron sputtering at different RF powers. The influence of RF power on...
Authors: Yi Ping Tang, Zhi Feng Li, Guang Ya Hou, Hua Zhen Cao, Guo Qu Zheng
Thin Films
Abstract:Three layers polyethylene (3PE) anti-corrosion coating was widely used in oil or gas transmission pipelines in the world. Special HDPE...
Authors: Li Chen, Shui Li Gong
Thin Films
Abstract:The laser welding of Aluminum-Lithium alloy (Al-Li) alloy were conducted to investigate the weld porosity features in this paper. The results...
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