Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lin Cai Ma, Zhi Guo Zhou, Liang Yao Xia, Da Xue Liu, Xiao Li Yu

Abstract: A bench tests were carried out on an YC6J190 diesel engine fueled with B20 marine biodiesel. The results showed that the engine’s effective...

Authors: Xia Xing Zhou, Qiao Jia Lin, Li Hui Chen

Abstract: Foamed composites of polypropylene containing bamboo powder were prepared using an injection moulding process. Measurement of density,...

Authors: Qing Shan Liu, Rui Liu, Hong Min He, Jian Cui, Zong Ran Pang, Xiao Ying Yin

Abstract: PicrosideⅡ, one of the most effective components extracted from picrorhiza, has been reported with neuronal protective activity. To isolate...

Authors: Peng Fei, Xiao Feng Wang, Yang Lin

Abstract: The production of high purity steel is a major task for the iron and steel enterprises in the 21st century. To improve the...

Authors: Yuan Cao, Li Zhang, Yan Qin Xu, Xiao Wang, Bo Lin Liu
Authors: Feng Gao, Ya Li Yu, Yu Jiang Chen

Abstract: The extraction of polysaccharides from cordyceps militaris by ethanol refluxing method was studied and the effected of solvent,...

Authors: Cheng Long Liu, Jiang Jiang, Meng Wang, Yue Ji Wang, Paul K Chu, Wei Jiu Huang

Abstract: Successful application of magnesium alloys as degradable load-bearing implants is determined by their biological performance especially...

Authors: Zhen Jun Wu, Jian Min Yuan, Wen Sheng Li

Abstract: A novel composite biocoating of hydroxyapatite(HA)/Al2O3 has been successfully prepared on Si(100) substrate by a...

Authors: Ya Hui He, Gao Bao Huang, Li Zhuo Guo

Abstract: Biomass, N derived from BNF, total N and Ndfa % of different part tissues of pea plants inoculated with various Rhizobium. leguminosarum...

Authors: Wen Tung Wu, Wen Sheng Liu

Abstract: A Rhodobacter sphaeroides WL-APD911 with the capability of producing the end products of neurosporene and ξ-carotene, rather than the normal...


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