Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

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Authors: Wei Guo Yang, Xing Po Li

Abstract: To understand the effect of filler walls on lateral rigidity of steel frame, Some methods such as theoretical analysis, finite elements...

Authors: Bo Wang Chen, Yang Oyang, Jian Guo Tan

Abstract: The seismic performance test of the model CFST tube structure with transfer story has been finished. The model with 13 floors and with a...

Authors: Xue Ying Yang, Bo Zhang, Dun Fu Zhang

Abstract: The analytic solution of incident P wave, SV wave and SH wave amplitudes reflected at free surface in elastic medium was presented in this...

Authors: Yu Wang, Yong Yao, Bin Cheng, Lin Wang

Abstract: In the paper, the seismic damage information of six kinds of buildings, including Brick and concrete structure, the bottom frame brick and...

Authors: Zhi Kun Guo, Wan Xiang Chen, Qi Fan Wang, Yu Huang, Chao Pu Li, Xiao Zhuang Xu

Abstract: The bearing capacities of one-way reinforced concrete beams with elastic supports are investigated in this paper. According to the nonlinear...

Authors: Ki Hoon Moon, Sang Whan Han, Younho Rew

Abstract: The width-thickness ratio of the rotation capacity of the HSB800 steel flexural members are evaluated in this study. First of all, the...

Authors: Watcharin Jinwuth, Bijan Samali, Cynthia Wang

Abstract: Many unreinforced adobe or mud-brick structures have in the past suffered severe damage from seismic forces and have caused a vast...

Authors: Chih Wei Lu, Meen Wah Gui, Bing Yang Chang

Abstract: In this paper, the authors predict responses of an earth structure due to a dynamic vibration using a 3-dimensional soil-water coupled...

Authors: Wei Guo Yang, Peng Gu

Abstract: In order to investigate the joint work pattern of upper steel part and lower supporting concrete part,the example of Ningxia flower art...

Authors: Shu Di Zhang, Yu Chun Zhai, Zhen Fang Zhang

Abstract: Polyvinyl alcohol (PVA)/polyvinyl pyrrolidone (PVP) hydrogel wound dressing has been fabricated using freezing-thawing method. The content...


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