Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yang Luo, Ai Xia Lu, Xue Gang Luo

Abstract: The konjac glucomannan/tannin/rice flour crosslinked films were synthesed. The effects of reaction time, the amount of rice flour, glycerol,...

Authors: Bao Hua Ji

Abstract: The effect of coagulation bath concentration on the structure and properties of as-spun fibers was systematically analyzed by means of X-ray...

Authors: Byung Woo Gil, Sung Eui Lee, Hee Chul Lee

Abstract: The effects of oxide buffer layers on the optical and electrical properties of sputtered Gallium-doped zinc oxide (GZO) films were...

Authors: Li Li Chen, Zu Min Qiu, Zhen Zhong Huang, Yan Fen Wu

Abstract: Three new extractants for palladium(II) extraction: bis(noctyl-Sulfinyl-ethyl) ether(L1),...

Authors: Jia Zhen Sun, Bei Qing Huang, Xian Fu Wei, Yi Chun Zha

Abstract: In order to study the influence of pH value on the plastic water-based gravure ink, the primary ink that is dispersed by high-speed grinding...

Authors: Sheng Chu, Hao Yue Zhu, Min Xue, Lei Lei Luo, Fei Kong, Ying Wang, Zhi Gang Zou

Abstract: Two kinds of visible light driven mesoporous structured Mn and Se-doping TiO2 nanocrystal photocatalysts have been synthesized...

Authors: Hong Shao, Di Zhang

Abstract: In the treatment of wastewater, the Fe- Ti Modified Bentonite was prepared as a new type of absorbing material which raw material was sodium...

Authors: Yu Qin Zhu, Dan Li Zhou

Abstract: In the work, nano-sized MoO3 and unsupported MoS2 hydro desulfurization catalysts were synthesized using a novel...

Authors: Yan Qing Lu, Xing Fang, Guo Dong Zhang

Abstract: In order to reduce fluorine pollution, partial fluoride could be replaced by BaO in mould flux. The effects of BaO on melting temperature,...

Authors: Xiao Ming Jia, Yue Xing Song, Xiao Xin Chen, Xiu Ling Zhang

Abstract: In the cutting progress, the cutting temperature and the friction will be reduced when the water-based cutting fluid is used, but some...


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