Applications of Engineering Materials

Volumes 287-290

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Jian Xin Cai, Yi Hao Lv, Rong Bin Zhang, Lai Tao Luo

Abstract: Ce0.7M0.3CoOx catalysts were prepared by polyatomic alcohol method. The crystal structure, reduction and...

Authors: De Ping Zhao, Bei Qing Huang, Xian Fu Wei, Shi Bo Zhang

Abstract: Water-based varnish is prone to generate a lot of bubbles when it is processed or used. The bubbles can cause coating defects during...

Authors: Mei Li, Zhi Ming Chen

Abstract: Nanosized material tungstate zirconia (WO3/ZrO2) was prepared by surfactant -assisted precipitation. Structural...

Authors: Han Sheng Li, Hang Xu, Shi Ying Wang, Ya Lin Pan, Qin Wu, Chang Hao Liu

Abstract: Anatase nano-titania (nano-TiO2) was prepared by using a sol-gel process mediated in reverse microemulsion combined with a...

Authors: Yi Dong Shi, Qiong Guo, Yuan Song Xie

Abstract: The C, N, S tri-doped TiO2 with high visible-light photo-catalysis effect was successfully prepared by mixing thiourea with the...

Authors: Yin Hu, Dan Zhen Li, Guang Can Xiao, Yu Shao

Abstract: A CTAB-assisted microwave hydrothermal method was used to synthesize BiVO4 photocatalysts with different shapes. The obtained...

Authors: Jian Feng, Wei Xiong, Yun Jia, Jin Bo Wang, De Rong Liu, Rui Xiang Qin

Abstract: The catalytic transfer hydrogenolysis of 2-phenyl-2-propanol was studied over Pd/C catalyst, using formic acid and formate salts as hydrogen...

Authors: Li Ping Ma, Jing Ping Liu, Jian Ying Wang, Ke Diao He, Xia Cui

Abstract: The novel modified vermiculite adsorbents have been made impregnated with sulfate, HCl and CuCl2. A laboratory-scale packed-bed...

Authors: Gang Qin, Li Dan Fan, Rui Zhang, Shao Kui Cao

Abstract: A catalyst of BTPD-Zn (BTPD= N,N’-Bis(2-thiophenecarboxaldehy) o-phenylenediamine) has been found to be active toward the...

Authors: Jie Gang You, Guo Dong Zhang, Dian Li Qu

Abstract: The synthesizing CaZrO3 are prepared with fused zirconia powder (0.044mm), monoatomic zirconia powder (0.044mm), desilication...


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