Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Ming Chen, Ying Lei Li, Ying Yu

Abstract: Three main technical problems on heavy equipments fault diagnosis are all solved in the following three aspects. Firstly, build fault trees...

Authors: Lan Chen

Abstract: WEDM as a special processing method is widely used in the manufacturing. Focused on the hardware and control strategy of servo control...

Authors: Shuang Li An, Rui Qian, Xiang Yu Lu, Yuan Lu

Abstract: This paper presents a proposed energy saving system for street lamps based on single-chip microcomputer. In this case, light control timer,...

Authors: Hao Zhao

Abstract: Torsion test is an important means of determination engineering materials mechanical properties, a high accuracy twist angle measurement...

Authors: Chang Long Wang, Ting Yuan, Cheng Lin Dong, Feng Wei Zhan

Abstract: A set of plasma cutting tracking device for spiral SAW pipe was designed. This system is consist of two speed sensors, DC servo motor, gear...

Authors: Zhi Hai Liu, Qing Liang Zeng, Zai Chao Wu, Guang Yu Zhou

Abstract: Drainage system is one of the important sub-systems of coal mine integrative control platform[1], and is used to guarantee the safety of...

Authors: Yun Wang, Zhuo Xiong Zeng

Abstract: The rotating ramjet is a new conceptive engine based on the ram-compressed technology rely on high-speed rotating rotor, the engine’s core...

Authors: Qiang Jiang, Hong Yi Liu, Jian Jun Hao, Yue Cheng

Abstract: Electromechanical control CVT (EM-CVT) is a new type of continuously variable transmission, and its ratio quality is an important parameter...

Authors: Zhong Yi Wang, Jia Han, Xu Yang, Tao Sun

Abstract: In this thesis, a model of water injector is established, which can prevent water from splashing when high-velocity flow pours into a...

Authors: Li Hua Zou

Abstract: In direct torque control system for induction motor, the system has big torque ripple and strong noise caused by torque ripple. In indirect...


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