Materials Processing Technology, AEMT2011

Volumes 291-294

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Fu Bin Wang, Jie Liu, Chun Wang Jiao, Zhi Kun Chen

Abstract: The excavator robot need to track bucket goal and its attitude real-time and dynamically during it’s autonomous mining. On the basis of...

Authors: Zhao Qiang Zhang, Xiao Min Zhu, Jun Yang Li

Abstract: PID controller has already been applied widely, but it is difficult to meet the requirement of both static and dynamic performance, which...

Authors: Qi Bing Jin, Shao Qiong Jia

Abstract: For a class of multivariable second-stage time delay system, this paper study the decentralized controller designing method based on RNGA...

Authors: Bao Quan Jin, Yan Kun Wang

Abstract: There are some problem for Strip transmission process, such as low deviation information accuracy , poor reliability, poor control...

Authors: Hai Feng Song, Xiao Qing Lv, Sheng Sun Hu

Abstract: In this paper, according to nuclear reactor pressure vessel for the J-groove type, independent research and development of a special groove...

Authors: Ming Xin Zhu, Zhong Yi Yang

Abstract: This paper analyze the importance of using PID servo-control parameters based on PMAC motion control card. The control accuracy can be...

Authors: Zhen Yong Wu, Xin Guo Ming, Wen Yan Song, Bao Ting Zhu, Jia Min Ni

Abstract: Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) method has been used to study the reliability of many different power generation systems, making...

Authors: Yu Jun Cai, Hua Shen, Tie Li Qi

Abstract: A new cutting force model of ball-end mill with double effect is developed through analysing the machining process by using differential...

Authors: Hong Feng Zhang, Wei Hang Chang

Abstract: Selective laser sintering (SLS) is one of relatively mature rapid prototyping technologies at present day. This paper takes the forming of a...

Authors: Bin Shen, Dang Jin Qi, Liu Qun Fan, Zhi Hao Zhu

Abstract: In the 5-axis machining, when the tool orientation approaches the one of the rotation axis, the sharp changing of the rotation angles...


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