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Authors: Jin Man Jang, Bermha Cha, Won Sik Lee, Jung Sik Seo, Se Hyun Ko, Seong Ho Son
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:In this work, in-mold rheology curves were generated by injection molding machine and the effects of feedstock and mold dimension on in-mold...
Authors: Seong Ho Son, Won Sik Lee, Hong Kee Lee, Hyun Jong Kim, Sung Cheol Park
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:The micro parts were fabricated by electroforming process of Fe-Ni alloy. Reaction mechanism of Fe-Ni alloy electrodeposition process was...
Authors: Somkiat Tangjitsitcharoen, Channarong Rungruang
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:The aim of this research is to propose and develop the in-process monitoring system of the tool wear for the carbon steel (S45C) in CNC...
Authors: Hong Bo Liang, Yi Ping Yao, Xiao Dong Mu
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:High performance simulation has great prospect of application in the fields of Materials Science and Engineering. In high performance...
Authors: Bing Jing Luo, Ling Ling Shao
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:Three traditional color separation methods such as automatic color separation of fabric CAD, self-defined primary color separation and spot...
Authors: Xin Shang, Jing Liu, Guo Fu Yin
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:Aiming at key problem of sustainable development of modern manufacturing enterprise how to intelligent reuse and share manufacturing resource...
Authors: Hong Ming Wang, Bo Feng Yang, Bang Min Song, Ting Wang Zhang, Yong Qi Yan
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:A model on non-sinusoidal oscillation of continuous casting mould was established to study the pressure in flux channel. The effects of...
Authors: Sheng Dun Zhao, Bin Zhong, Yong Tang, Ren Feng Zhao
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:This paper presents a new approach to precision cropping with radial forging, it skillfully utilizes the stress and strain concentration...
Authors: Lan Chen
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:This paper presents a new method to fabricate tungsten microelectrode in a single pulse electrical discharge. The electrode material,...
Authors: Zhao Long Li, Shi Chun Di, Dong Bo Wei, Peng Xiang Lv
Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Abstract:This paper studies the electrochemical machining on the surface of nickel-based alloys with a tubular electrode and analyses the effect of...
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