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Authors: Mu Chun Wang, Hsin Chia Yang, Wen Shiang Liao
NEMS/MEMS Technology and Devices
Abstract:Considering the increase of the driving current for nano-node MOSFET devices, source/drain (S/D) site etched and refilled with SiGe material...
Authors: Peng Cheng Chi, Wei Ping Zhang, Wen Yuan Chen, Hong Yi Li, Kun Meng
NEMS/MEMS Technology and Devices
Abstract:This paper presents a feasibility step in the development of biomimetic microrobotic insects. Advanced engineering technologies available for...
Authors: Xing Cui, Xiao Ming Zhang, Guo Bin Chen, Yong Hui Li, Jun Liu
NEMS/MEMS Technology and Devices
Abstract:The MEMS gyroscope used in Spinning Projectiles is a single-chip and axis gyroscope drive by high-speed rotary of Spinning Projectiles. To...
Authors: Ling Zhao, Jing Yang
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Abstract:In the face of problems of labor shortage, high cost and low efficiency, if the company can implement industrial projects scientifically,...
Authors: Zhi Gang Shi, Xu Quan Li, Song Tao Hu
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Abstract:A seawater source heat pump (SWHP) system refers to the utilization of solar energy stored in sea water as heat source and heat sink , offer...
Authors: Lei Shi, Shu Sheng Gao, Zhi Ming Hu
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Reservoir characteristic of Underground gas storage(UGS)was not only unique, but also complex, which decided the steady and reliability of...
Authors: Ping Zhu
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Abstract:This paper focuses on evaluation of the heat exchange process based on cumulative exergy analysis method. The case study chosen is the...
Authors: Yong Xiang Zhang, Lin Li, Wei Ke
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Inertia moment of engine is a quite important parameter for power measuring without load, instantaneous speed calculating and in cylinder...
Authors: Fang Ma, Gang Ling Chao
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Based on cellular automata (CA), the new technology diffusions of domestic cars and completely knocked down (CKD) cars were modeled and...
Authors: Rong Zhou, Han Zhao, Ke Chen
System Analysis and Industrial Engineering
Abstract:Aimed at the problems existed in the production logistics system for the automobile parts’ shop which has the characteristics of...
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